DBT Distress Tolerance Skills: Difference Between Pain and Suffering

DBT Distress Tolerance Skills: Difference Between Pain and Suffering

Part 2 of 2 – When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence Is Unshakable

How can you connect your experience to what is truly meaningful, essential and soulful for you without gaining discernment through consciousness? Knowing when to look within, when to reach out to another person and when to surrender to life, a bigger power that You or I to put on your path what you need and want is key!

Part 1 of 2 – When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence Is Unshakable

When a challenging situation or a difficult experience strikes our esteem we need to turn within and we also need to reach out. The consideration must be first given to yourself. Your attention must be focused on your energy by acknowledging what you tell yourself to make yourself feel the way you do. Secondly you must seek the intelligence of your heart.

Why There Is No Shame In Taking Your Child To a Therapist

When I was younger I remember dreaming of going to a therapists office. It’s not the typical teen dream, but I had things I wanted to get off my chest and I didn’t think that my parents or my friends would be good enough listeners. I approached my Mother, as I knew my father frowned upon seeking ‘shrinks’.

20 Equivalent Names for the Inner Child

If you have heard terms in the vein of “inner child” and “etheric body,” you may have been been curious about the indefinite, amorphous and mutable quality connoted. This seemingly technical point is worth discussing because “our immune system” is one of these synonyms.

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If You Are Going To Talk to Yourself, It Might As Well Be Positive!

Every day we speak to ourselves, often belittling ourselves over past mistakes. Sometimes we speak about uncertainty of the future. I suggest if we are speaking to ourselves (which we are) then we need to speak positively.

The Dangers of Lacking Confidence

Those who lack confidence should realize that the state of the mind is determined by what we think about. Since we have the power to control our thinking, we can dwell on positive thoughts. Negative thoughts should only be used to balance positive ones to determine reality. If either positive or negative feelings are beyond reality, an attitude adjustment should be made.

How to Develop Confidence?

Confidence is an important attribute of life. It is an asset for happiness and success and it is difficult to live without it. But what if you are not confident right now? Does it mean you have to be that way forever? The answer is NO.

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Building Self Confidence

Some people are born confident and self-assured; they seem to know exactly what they want and have little or no reservations about deserving it. Others have a tendency to pass up opportunities because of feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Thankfully, confidence can be developed but it’s important to avoid the common mistakes people make in the process.

Why Playing the Comparison Game Is a Sure-Fire Way to Disappointment

Have you ever looked at other people and found yourself feeling like you’ve fallen short? Whether it’s comparisons to business or career success, personal fulfillment or relationships, we might find ourselves looking at what other people have achieved and feel that what we’ve done is insignificant and unimportant in comparison.

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The Journey To Better Self Esteem

We live in a time where beauty is monetized and preferred by society. We have our children watch MTV and other television stations where the girl in the music video is a size zero and the rapper is usually rapping in front of a Bentley. It seems to me that society is so busy focused with the exterior of a being that we no longer appreciate a good personality.

Being Kind to Yourself: Shaking Off Comparison

In this age of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, we are constantly bombarded with “snapshots” of others’ lives. With just a few clicks, you can easily view what your friends, family members, and colleagues are up to and the successes, as well as, failures they are facing. The unfortunate result of this can be comparison. Comparison is an ugly and even painful part of life, which reinforces negative messages we tell ourselves. This article discusses the reality of negative self-talk and how overcoming the disease of comparison can promote positive self-esteem and personal growth in an individual’s life.

Someone Had To Say It

FACEBOOK has single handedly changed the way the world communicates with each other. It is a technological wonder that has managed to incorporate a wealth of new ways for us to express our thoughts and feelings to each other and the world at large through words, pictures and video. And for the truly creative, given them an outlet to show sides of their personalities that otherwise would not have ever been known or seen to the outside world.

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How to Overcome Your Inferiority Complex God’s Way

I developed a terrible inferiority complex growing up, but not because I was ugly or had some physical defect. No, I had an alcoholic father that abused me with words that created in me very low self esteem. But one day that all began to change.

Steps to Self-Love and Self-Compassion

The idea of self-love and self-nurturing baffles most people, especially codependents, who usually received inadequate parenting. Read 10 Tips to Self-love.

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