DBT Skills: Choosing Emotion Regulation or Distress Tolerance

DBT Skills: Choosing Emotion Regulation or Distress Tolerance

Self-Image: You Are What You Think

Pretend you have a scale that you can use to rate your self-image. The number ten is “wonderful” and the number zero is “horrible” but you have the option of choosing either of those or any number in between. Your mindset is largely based on past experiences and your self-image on what you have learned about your abilities, achievements, appearance and personality.

You’re Doing Just Fine

I look for inspiration everywhere, and often I get it from Facebook. Sometimes all it takes is a quote from Gandhi or Julia Child, but it will usually set the wheels in motion. Yesterday it was from the Author Elizabeth Gilbert; I have become slightly obsessed with her these last few weeks and for good reason.

What You Know

We all have negative voices in our heads that seek to put us down. But, knowing more about yourself can be the key to changing that voice into something positive instead.

Limits Are Not Necessarily Stop Signs

We can overcome our limitations. In this article the author challenges the common attitudes of people suffering from affliction or personal challenges and provides examples of people that have overcome major setbacks to achieve great success.

3 Simple Steps to Recovering From a Confidence Crash

This is my personal 3 step plan for recovering from any crisis or crash in confidence. Simple yet effective steps to take to recovering your self confidence and self esteem. This article was featured by the BBC.

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How to Improve Your Life by Passing the Mensa Test

Aren’t you curious to find out what are your best abilities? More precisely, do you want to know how your IQ is looking like? Then perhaps you may want to take the Mensa Test. The test will not serve only to satisfy your curiosity about your person, but it may even improve the quality of your life in many ways.

Jealousy – The Green-Eyed Monster

John is 25 and has just started his own development company… He is ambitious and has just built a large designer home. It is magnificent with all the luxuries you can imagine in a modern home… Pool with built in bar, cinema room, wine cellar… You name it and this house has it.

Born On Purpose

Help with low self-esteem. My story of how I got free from low self-esteem.

The Essence of Shame

Our shame is the one thing we never talk about and never share with others. It derives from unconscious beliefs about us being unworthy and undeserving of love and happiness. Learn how to quickly get to the core of your shame and dissolve it in this fascinating short article!

Your Forgiveness Sets You “The Prisoner” Free – Knowing You Are Worth It

If life lacks the luster you have longed to experience it’s because you are holding yourself back from living it with meaning, purpose and freedom. If you want to learn how you are doing this or why, search no more. You will find the answer when you consider what your life might be like if you allowed yourself to forgive. Instead of coping with the effects of past wounds, choose to forgive for as you do, you set yourself free realizing it had always been you who was your own prisoner. You are worth it! With each act of forgiveness, you become more alive and filled with purpose raising your self-esteem and outlook on life. Suddenly, your life has purpose!

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How to Maintain Your Self-Esteem – Living Bold!

Self-esteem is a self-fulfilling forecast. Feeling good about yourself is the vital requisite for your own happiness and joy. By loving and respecting the unique perfection that you are, you discover that you, only you are the best candidate worthy of your own love and affection.

Five Ways To Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure comes in different form. Here I have written “Five Ways to Resist Peer Pressure”.

Get Self Confidence in 5 Steps

It is important to be confident. Being confident, means to be secure in who you are and being certain in the decisions you make. Being confident in your abilities means that you are positive about yourself and it is this self confidence that make other people have trust on you. More sure you are about your skills, will make other people have more confidence on you. Self confidence goes a long way. From seeing everything in positive light, self-confidence helps in career as well as life opportunities.

Confidence Is Not Just A 10 Letter Word!

5 great ideas for building confidence and a positive self image.Instead of working/dreaming/praying for greater confidence, focus on creating the victories and results that will bring confidence and a positive self esteem automatically.

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