DBT Skills: Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance

DBT Skills: Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance

Gain Confidence by Overcoming Perfectionism

One of the major obstacles of self-confidence is perfectionism, or the belief that something should not be done until one can be guaranteed perfection of results. This belief means that nothing is done, since perfection can never be guaranteed. By overcoming this belief, you gain confidence to try something if the results are not guaranteed.

Are You Dating Your Past?

We all want a partner to share our lives with, but are you ready to put yourself out there? Or are you stuck in your past relationships?

What Do You Say to a Dementor?

In my last article, “Watch who you share your pain with,” I described several kinds of people who only make your pain worse by saying the wrong things. I call them, collectively, Dementors, familiar to Harry Potter fans as creatures who suck all hope out of you. They may magnify your tiny symptom into sure death, or seemingly provide incontrovertible evidence that your dreams can never succeed.

Overcoming Your Own Insecurity

Confidence, why do some of us have it, while others don’t? Confidence in life and business does not come by accident, you have to work at it! It wasn’t long ago that I was picking my self up from my bootstraps and starting over. Confidence was a big part of the process, along with great mentors and personal growth. This article addresses how to overcome insecurity so we can create an authentic and inspired life!

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Do You Know That You Are A Gift?

When God created you in the womb, he intricately placed a purpose inside your make-up… a way to change the world inside your DNA. It’s your job to find it an execute it. Let me tell you how you are a GIFT to the world.

Why Confidence and Arrogance Are Not the Same

People who long for more confidence and higher levels of self-esteem are often discouraged from seeking a deeper belief in self because they are afraid they will become arrogant. This fear often stems from a misperception about the differences between confidence and arrogance. What is the difference? Read on and you’ll find out.

Knowing Your True Self

Each one of us is a unique person. We have different bodies and different talents, but your self is uniquely you. Yet your self is not a thing that can be seen or touched in the outer world. It is not a fixed state that does not change. It is the dimension through which you experience your life. It is an evolving process that grows throughout your life. It transcends the composition of your physical body.

Just Getting Started With Confidence

When attempting to enhance our confidence, we have two basic questions. First, what is this confidence we are trying work on? Second, how can I work on something I’m not sure I have? Understanding confidence because crucial to this process.

Build Self-Esteem by Discovering and Celebrating Hidden Talents

One approach to building self-esteem is discovering and celebrating hidden talents. Unfortunately, people with low self-esteem often don’t know what they’re truly good at. Thankfully, the things we’re good at are often the very things we enjoy doing most. Follow these four steps to discover and celebrate your hidden talents and feel your self-esteem rise in the process.

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Ten Soul Tips To Heal Your Self Esteem

Our true sense of self esteem that is wholly sustaining and enriching comes from within. It is not something that can be bestowed on us that is outside of us, or is something that can be taken from us by others. Life experiences can erode our sense of self esteem. So too our personal belief systems and behaviours can and do, perpetuate a lack of self esteem in many instances.

Effective and Simple Tips on How to Get Confidence

It is very important that people know how to get confidence. This trait if needed to become among the league of successful people today. This article provides useful information to readers about self-esteem and how to deal properly with low confidence. Aiming for success doesn’t only require a good plan; it also requires you to find your self-worth. This is the reason why building confidence is vital to success.

Labor Pains Of A Rebirth

Self confidence can be gained from examining the “successful failures” of others. Facing failure and overcoming setbacks can be referred to as “labor pains of a rebirth”.

Remember What Made You Great: A Personal Soapbox of Overcoming Doubt

I have overcome periods of self-doubt in my life and have persevered, just like so many people. While it is a common emotion, too much doubt can overtake our lives to the extent we become paralyzed. Gain confidence by knowing and remembering what made you great in the first place. Overcome you own self-doubt.

Four Popular Myths About Low Self-Esteem
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Don’t let commonly held myths interfere with your effort to build self-esteem. If you long to feel confident, self-assured, empowered, and ready to tackle the world, learn the facts about self-esteem and ignore the myths that can hold you back.

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