DBT Skills: Mindfulness

DBT Skills: Mindfulness

Teens, Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy,” wrote President Theodore Roosevelt. Many of us want to look like someone else, have brains like someone else, have talents like someone else, have hair like someone else, have money like someone else. I was trapped in this mindset but became free.

What Kinds of Thoughts Boost Your Self Esteem?

Do you suffer from inferiority complex? Do you constantly compare yourself with others? If you answered yes to any or both of the questions, you probably need a boost of self esteem badly. This article focuses on thoughts and principles about how to raise your self esteem to a high level in the best possible ways. Look inside to find out.

The Value Within

All Value is derived from self. Even our failing banking system knows this one simple truth. You are the value, not gold silver or anything else.

5 Strategies to Keep Your Compliments and Build Your Confidence

Sincere compliments can be a great confidence boost. Explore ways to use those compliments to sustain your confidence and increase your profile.

How Confident Are You in Yourself?

This is the million dollar question people ask themselves on a daily basis. The truth is, you can start to improve your life much more quickly than you might think.

Why Social Media Causes Self Doubt and Anxiety & How You Can Fix It

How social media can distort our sense of reality to only see the best of others lives. This can cause unfair comparisons with our own lives.

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How to Cure Mental Doubt and Disbelief!

Human beings are destined for greatness. We have the ability to create anything we want out of nothing.

How to Improve Your Self-Image

It is so common for people to experience body hate towards themselves. It’s easy to see your own flaws while you are trying to lose weight or if you think you need to lose weight. However, this negative attitude can develop self-hatred, which can lead to a diet mentality, causing restriction, which can turn into binge-eating. This can go right back into the body hate. It’s critical to love and respect yourself throughout the whole process of self-improvement!

12 Days Before Christmas Self-Love Journey

You have less than a month till the end of the year. This is a time of togetherness, holidays, loneliness, stress, joy, and so many other situations and emotions you may go through. So, why not use this time to learn practical and actionable ways to give yourself love? Even if you love yourself 100%, how can it get any better? Maybe we can even get you to a higher vibrational energy? Wherever you are on the self-love scale, this is a gift for yourself at any holiday time.

How We Make Snap Judgements and Get It Wrong: Our Truth Is Not THE Truth!

We interpret events all of the time, making sense of what information goes into our eyes, ears and other senses. We create stories and scenarios based on how we view the world and our values. The information that goes in to our brain is just information and the sense that we make of it is our own interpretation. We know that our brain distorts information to fit the life script that we are living. We also delete information that does not feel like it fits. Have you ever experienced someone giving you a compliment or telling you that you’ve done something well and then struggled to remember what it was they’d said afterwards? If the new information does not fit with how you see yourself your brain will spam it away as it is not relevant or useful; as it does with billions of bits of information coming through our eyes and ears all day long. Imagine going to the supermarket and your brain paying attention to every sound, word, box, smell, etc. You’d go crazy. Our brains sift through billions of bits of information to sort out the handful of bits it thinks it needs at that time.

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How To Effectively Raise Your Levels of Self-Esteem

There is a proven method to rising your self-esteem. Learning the psychology of the image you hold of yourself is the key factor to determine your level of success in the world. Understanding these principles and applying them to your life will help you gain the insight to move forward with confidence and ease to have a winning image. This will make the difference in the quality of your life in every area.

5 Ways Overcome Fear and Improve Confidence

This article shares 5 ways that you can begin to use today to overcome fear and doubt. The article shows you how to take action and move your life forward despite the fear.

People Pleasing: Does Low Self-Esteem Cause People To Please Others?

On one hand, one can pay attention to their own needs and do what they can to fulfilling them, and on the other hand, they can focus on others people’s needs and do what they can to fulfil them. If their life is a reflection of the former, it is likely to be far more fulfilling than if their life was a reflection of the latter.

6 Word Intro – How to Introduce Yourself Powerfully With Clarity

Even the smartest people have trouble introducing themselves and explaining what they do. This is a simple formula anyone can use to introduce themselves and intrigue and engage the other person.

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