DBT Skills: Reality Acceptance, Allowing and Letting Be

DBT Skills: Reality Acceptance, Allowing and Letting Be

How to Build a Better Relationship With Yourself

When building confidence and self-esteem, the single most important thing you can do is to rebuild the internal relationship that you have with yourself. Numbers speak volume and it’s difficult for negativity to go up against the positive power of Me, Myself and I…

Self Esteem and Confidence Boosters

Self-esteem is a term used to reflect one’s own evaluation of his or her self. It is a personal judgement that many teens today have a hard time with. Perhaps the biggest factor affecting this is the environment in which they grow up. There are three main types of self-esteem: positive, defensive, and low.

How Self Esteem Affects Your Life

Do you want to be the perfect YOU? The truth is that the perfect YOU already exists! You just need to uncover it in order to discover it.

The Reason Why No One Compares to You

There is no person who can smile like you, no person who can light up the room with your laugh nor is there anyone who can replicate the beautiful thing that happens when you put your heart to something. We all feel the pull of our imperfections from time to time, but just remember that the only person who can ever go the furthest in your life, is you.

Never Let Anyone Discourage You

It’s amazing how we are sometimes controlled by others. Not only physically, but emotionally. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do and never did because of people’s opinions or disparaging remarks?

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3 Steps To Beating Shyness At Work – Discover How To Progress And Win That Promotion

Do you ever sit on the sidelines at work, feeling disappointed while your colleagues pass you by, getting those promotions and opportunities for progression while you stay where you are. You know shyness will hold you back and stop you from reaching your full potential at work. So now it’s time to do something about it. Follow these 3 steps to beating shyness at work and you’ll soon be on the path to success and promotion.

Self Esteem and Confidence: Release the Devil You Know

We hear about the importance of self esteem and confidence just about every day in the media. These are areas that many women struggle with.

Bragging May Be The Result of Low Self-Esteem

It has been my experience that adults who continuously brag about the minuscule things that has happened in their daily lives, grew up dirt poor and/or under privileged. These adults feel the need to brag in order to boost their self-esteem.

Master Your Light Switch to Set Love-Inspired Boundaries

Foster self-respect and a happier lifestyle. When you identify where you can place boundaries in your relationships that offer you more freedom and ease to live authentically, you will strengthen your ability to tune in to your true self.

Incremental Confidence

One does not just “get” confidence. You need to build confidence up. Like a muscle, confidence starts wherever you are at and builds from there.

Not A Popularity Contest

Life is not a popularity contest. Be who you are and live the life you want without the fear of judgement.

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The Secret To Falling In Love – With You

Remember the heady feeling that takes over you when you fall for a new man? The thrill of knowing that someone you’re interested in actually wants and desires you? Suddenly, all sense of not being good enough vanishes and you feel whole again. You feel a sense of confidence in yourself that you think will never go away, you feel you have arrived at a perfect place. But as you may have discovered, that wonderful sense of yourself disappears and will continue to do so until you create the self-esteem and confidence you want through your own actions.

Boundaries: Why Do Some People Let Others Walk All Over Them?

To walk all over a carpet or some kind of tiled floor would be normal. This is because the floor has no feelings and very few wants and needs for example. If the floor was used too much it may wear out; so it will need to be cleaned at certain times and it might even need to be replaced after a while.

Working With Your Inner Critic: Challenge Negative Self-Talk With Emotional Connection

Are you struggling with your inner critic – harsh negative self-talk? If so, then you may also struggle with the side effects: feelings of shame, anxiety or fear, or coping behaviors such as overeating, compulsive eating, binge eating, perfectionism, or procrastination. Learn how to recognize and work with your inner critic so that you can feel in charge of yourself again.

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