DBT Skills: Wise Mind, Emotional Mind & Reasonable Mind

DBT Skills: Wise Mind, Emotional Mind & Reasonable Mind

Are You Willing To Be UNIQUE?

Many people state that they want to be their own person, but, in reality, very few people are willing to commit their time, emphasis, and focus, on actually being the best they can be! Either fortunately or unfortunately, far too few individuals are truly willing to not prioritize fitting in, and belonging to the crowd, or placing their emphasis on popularity. However, in the majority of instances, each of us can only make our own distinct and meaningful mark, when we are ready, able and willing to do things our way, rather than merely copying what others do or have…

Decoding Female Behaviour – A Woman’s Perspective

Men often get brutal scathings because of their behaviours. Ever wonder why women are ‘so complicated?’ It’s because of the women.

What Can You Flaunt on a Dinner Date?

What do you wear on your dinner date? Whether it’s your first dinner date or the hundredth one, you need to feel and look good. Here is what you can wear on your next dinner date.

What Can Make You Look Chic?

How can you look chic in the next few months? How do women stand out from others? How can you look beautiful without really having that face and skin that make others go wow? Here is a look at what can make you chic and beautiful.

How Can a Woman Look Beautiful?
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How can you look flattering? What are the secret ingredients to having a look that makes men go wow? Here is all that you need to know to carry yourself better and give a striking appearance.

How to Increase Your Confidence Level

Sometimes our self-confidence is shaken when we make decisions that are not supported by family, friends or people we respect. When we feel that we are by ourselves regarding our choices, it is important to apply the universal law of cause and effect.

Are You True To What You Believe?

One of the often-most difficult challenges we face as individuals, is identifying, creating, and developing a balance between remaining true to oneself, with achieving and accomplishing what we believe is the best course of action to pursue. Do you consistency say what you mean, maintain absolute integrity, and, at the proverbial end of the day, feel good about what you’ve done, said, focused upon, and achieved? Are you willing to stand up and be counted, or are you a fence-straddler, who avoids taking a stand until after others do?

How to Get Confidence?

Are you lacking confidence? If you feel you have no confidence, you’re alone; and many of people are not living the lives they want because of this.

Why Do We Should All Over Ourselves?

Why are we “should-ing” all over ourselves? I should be thinner. I should forgive and forget.

Self Confidence Giant Principle 1 – Writing Out Your Vision – Part 1

A written vision is needed because it’s the foundation of self confidence. It is a representation of what you want to achieve at a particular time in the future. A written vision is a dream with a deadline. It should change over time. It must say “yes” to some Ideas and “no” to others. It’s about what the future might be, could be, or shouldn’t be.

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How Self-Confidence Is Bringing Sexy Back

I’m a people watcher by nature. Not in a creepy, stalker way, but in a curious, “what makes people tick” way. I enjoy watching people exchange with one another and based on some of the things I’ve seen I’ve gotten pretty good at distinguishing the level of self-confidence a person has.

Be You, Everyone Else Is Taken

Living by other people’s standards or ways of being will lead you into a life long of regret, bad relationships, and all the rest. Living the way you want to, may not lead to a perfect life, but you will be much happier for doing it.

Breaking the Cycle of Broken Relationships

As children and growing up, some of us were neglected, abandoned, betrayed or in some way abused. It feels familiar to us. And that feeling is a point of trauma, or injury that is held by the old ideas that formed with it. Often we repeat this pattern in our adult relationships. We can heal this trauma if we are willing to do the inner work. We get what we get, but what we do with it makes all the difference.

3 Mistakes People Make When Building Self-Belief

I see it happen all the time. People decide that they are going to change their self-belief, and they are now on their new path to confidence and getting stuff done. But before long at all, they find themselves back where they started, and often they are actually worse off! Because now not only have they invested time and energy into trying to build their self-belief, but they are also feeling worse for wear, and their confidence has taken a dive. This report outlines the 3 mistakes that many people make, and will help you work out what to do instead. It is intended as a QUICK guide to get you on the pass to success when it comes to building your self-belief.

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