Deep Work: How to Develop the Most Valuable Skill of the 21st Century (PART 1)

Deep Work: How to Develop the Most Valuable Skill of the 21st Century (PART 1)

We Are Smarter Than Our Thoughts

Have you ever felt really bad about something you did? Have you felt like you tried to resist temptation but you failed? Good news! You can resist temptation! The reason that you can resist temptation is that you are smarter than your thoughts.

Various Tips On How to Grow Taller Naturally

Everybody wants to be tall – that is a known fact. Advancements in technology has allowed us to achieve that. However, there are still natural ways on becoming taller and recommended by doctors over the use of growth pills. Read this article for tips on how to grow taller using natural means.

Regrow Hair Naturally – Vibrant and Healthy

Thin or thinning hair can crush your self esteem. Luckily, there are ways to help stimulate new hair growth with a little time and effort. Discover ways to improve your hairline and bring your confidence back from vacation.

Mothers – Stop Sabotaging Yourself

God creates each man to be unique and different one another. Even for identical twins there will still be something unique that differentiate each person. You may not like what you see in the mirror every morning, but that is what makes us special.

Three Steps to Building Self-Esteem

Every day, you are faced with different situations; it can be an opportunity or a bad luck. But in both cases, self esteem is indeed needed. Certain crucial moments in your life such as job interviews, projects, speeches, etc.

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The Gift Of Self Esteem

You may feel like no one cares about you and that is why your self esteem is low. Well, it is a hard pill to swallow but you may be right, but you may be wrong. What matters here is that you care. You need to care enough about yourself to encourage and motivate yourself every day. This can be done in many ways.

Learn to Say NO and Free Yourself From Emotional Pain

As individual human beings we are physically, mentally and spiritually unique. We are blessed as humans to possess cognitive thought process which allows us to make choices based not merely on our animal instinct but through emotion, analysis and forethought of consequence. The wild animal, no matter what species, does not have the luxury of such thought process.

Never Lose Sight of The Value of Your Time

We were all created in the same way to be equally as important and as valuable as the next person. If we minimize our own value we are actually telling our creator we do not appreciate the life we have been given and we are not worthy of life itself. Live up to the opportunity you have been given to create any kind of life you choose and never let anything or anyone make you feel you are not worthy of everything you desire. No one can “make” you feel anything you do not choose to feel.

Confidence Building For Introverts

Introverts are often plagued by lack of self confidence due to their shy nature and inability to bond socially. Self confidence is the belief that one is right on something or that one is able to do something. As long as you think you can do certain things, you have confidence.

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How To Succeed By Building Your Self Esteem

You can build your self-esteem, whatever be the circumstances you face in your life. You can follow a few steps so that this can be achieved.

Self-Criticism – Self-Esteem’s Saboteur

Women are notorious at finding fault with themselves. A Dove study last year found that over 40 percent of women are unhappy with their looks, and over two-thirds suffer low confidence about their bodies. Many blamed the airbrushed, ideal models for setting unrealistic, unattainable standards. Our societal attitudes are a major cause. If you lived with someone constantly complaining about your cooking, your body, your work performance, your ability as a mother, daughter, wife, lover, home decorator, housekeeper, and on top of that also nagged you to diet and exercise more, read more, maybe even pray or meditate more, you’d know why you were depressed, anxious, and wanted to scream all the time. Maybe you do live with someone like that, YOURSELF.

Self-Esteem – Why it Matters

Most women suffer from lack of self-confidence, even despite greater job and educational opportunities than ever before. Self-confidence is a manifestation of self-esteem and self-worth. It all begins with a sense of “Self.” Without a sense of self, it is difficult to be alone, to make decisions, to set boundaries, to identify and accomplish goals, to succeed professionally, and to enjoy healthy, intimate relationships. Poor self-esteem underlies anxiety, depression, addiction, and sexual dysfunction.

Just Because You Are You

People with a healthy self-image treat themselves very well and by so doing set an example to other individuals as to how they ought to be treated, and this goes on to show that people treat us the way we treat ourselves. Therefore it is important to expect and demand fair treatment from friends, relatives and work-mates because you deserve love and respect.

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Boost Your Self-Confidence – Quick, Easy and Practical Ways You Can Do This Now

Need a quick self confidence boost? There are some very easy to learn and effective methods that you can use. This article suggests several practical and easy to implement techniques that really work. You don’t need any special training to use them though many people find it helpful to have a coach, therapist or counsellor (or, as one of my clients described it recently, ‘ a help buddy’) working alongside them. My advice would be to have a go and see how you get on. If you feel you’d benefit from extra support/advice, there’s a wealth of it readily available out there.

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