Doing Mode vs Being Mode

Doing Mode vs Being Mode

If They Only Knew

You know the feeling. Part of you just wants to scream, cry or hide under the covers. But the moment isn’t exactly right since you have a big board meeting or presentation in front of a client, and somehow the image of you having an emotional meltdown at either of those occasions just doesn’t seem like the professional thing to do.

Self-Esteem: Why Do Most Women Find It Difficult to Believe in Herself?

Why do most women find it difficult to believe in herself? Having low self esteem may be caused by outside forces, but what to do about it lies in our hands. It is up to us to work on it and boost our own self worth – not for anybody else’s benefit, but for our own.

Finding Your Self Worth

How do you measure your own self worth? Regardless of what you currently believe, you are much more than you think you are. Grow your confidence and enhance your personal self worth.

How to Add Play Back Into Your Life

When we were child, we played in every aspect of our lives. As adults, we can lose our ability to play. Learn how to bring play back into your life.

Confidence Boost: Proven Strategies To Transform Your Inner Critic Into Your Best Friend

What do you say when you talk to yourself and how does it make you feel? Being unkind to ourselves with our inner self-talk is so often the norm and doesn’t help us to feel good about ourselves or change our lives for the better. Here are some simple ideas on how to change that voice in our head from being a harsh critic to a helpful and kind supporter.

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Are You Suppressing Your Emotions?

Understand how suppressing emotions cause many problems in your life that prevent you from living a satisfying life. When you choose to take responsibility for your feelings you have the power to transform them and master your life.

Unhappiness Is The Ultimate Genuine Unconsciousness

When you feel indifferent or sad about a situation without looking for the good in it, that is a sort of unconsciousness when you really look at it objectively. When you lack worth from within yourself, and depend on outer trappings purely, that is a sort of unconsciousness. The good news to counteract that bad news is that consciousness is something you are always at every level including the being level, unconsciousness is just something you do until you get conscious.

Getting Over Social Anxiety Disorder

The following article will help you on your way to overcoming social anxiety disorder for good. We will begin by fighting “negative thoughts”. Negative thoughts perpetuate social anxiety.

Have You Made the Same Mistake?

Changing the way I thought changed my life! Learning to help myself first, enabled me to help others more efficiently.

8 Ways to Increase Self Confidence

Lives of all successful people signify the importance of high self-esteem and self-confidence. They are the reflection of your belief systems. Stronger beliefs leads to higher self confidence, which in turn leads to higher achievements in life. By following few steps you can increase your self confidence level. Thus you can achieve higher success in life.

How To Build Self Worth – What You Need To Know To Build Self Worth
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Have you ever considered how your self worth is affecting your efforts for personal growth and confidence? Learn what self worth is and how you can start taking simple steps to improve your self worth.

The Question Is: How Healthy Is Your Self-Esteem?

Many people talk about self-esteem, needing it, having it and raising it. For some, it isn’t really clear what self-esteem really means, so I have decided to write this article clarifying it to you as well as giving you a quiz so you can determine where you fall on the scale.

How To Overcome Shyness – 4 Tips For Getting Over Shyness

Would you consider yourself to be shy? If your shyness is affecting your ability to cope in social environments then apply these simple and effective techniques and learn how you can start getting over your shyness.

How to Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

Lack of confidence can negatively affect a person’s chance of becoming successful in life. When you are not confident of your ability, you may never have the opportunity to discover how great you can become. Confidence is the feeling that you can do a particular thing if given the opportunity. Self confidence is not pride but if not well managed may result to pride. Your achieving great feat in life is not meant for you to become a smug, rather you should see it as a humbling experience and something to learn from. But today, our focus will be how we can boost our confidence. Building confidence does not come by accident, it takes deliberate effort to build yourself into someone whom others will respect and appreciate.

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