Doing vs Being Mode: Pitfalls and Benefits

Doing vs  Being Mode: Pitfalls and Benefits

Three Reasons Why Confidence Is the Key to Success

Confidence plays a major role in everyone’s lives. People with high levels of confidence expect and experience greater success and happiness. People with low levels of confidence feel unworthy or incapable of greater success and happiness. Learn the facts about confidence and three reasons why it is so important in life.

Three Practical Principles for Speaking Up For Yourself

Some people are very opinionated; they seem to know exactly how they feel about everything. On the opposite side of the spectrum are those who are less dogmatic and have a tendency to defer to the ideas of others. Unfortunately, the latter behavior is often the result of fear due to a lack of confidence. Build confidence and live life to the fullest by finding and using your voice.

Build Confidence by Sharing Your Expertise

Whether we realize it or not, we are each an expert in something, and identifying and sharing our expertise is a great way to build confidence. Follow these three steps to share with others your expertise, and celebrate your growing confidence in the process.

Want to Change? Expect Resistance!

Do you listen to the allies on your committee, your personal board of directors? Or are you stuck in a constant meeting with the hostile parts of you? Guess what! They won’t easily give up the power they’ve had over your life. That’s why no one creates deep and lasting change without support.

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What Is Fashion? Fashion Redefined to Mean More Than “Vogue”

Fashion is for Every Woman! Today fashion encompasses more than what is worn on the runways of New York City during Fashion Week, or what is in the recent Vogue magazine. What is fashion – Fashion is for EVERY woman! Every women has a desire to be fashionable whether they act on that desire or not. This desire to look better can be snuffed out because the world of fashion is such a big industry. There are so many styles and options, where would one start? What clothing should I buy? Should I wear the “in” style? I couldn’t possibly look fashionable, because I don’t have the body of the women in the magazines.

Build Confidence by Using Your Creativity

There are many reasons why people lack and feel ill-equipped to build confidence. They may not know how to start the process. They may have never achieved anything of significance and feel the task is too daunting. They may be afraid of making mistakes or failing all together. The good news is that building confidence can be achieved simply by using one’s creativity.

Our Life Purpose – Design or Default?

For years I held back, thinking success was for others but not for me. It wasn’t until I was willing to step out in a big way that things began to change. And change they did! I went from struggling day-in and day-out to having an abundance of money, business, and impact.

Building Self Confidence

Self confidence can be found, even at the darkest moments in time but we must remember to turn on the light. Many of us come from the land of battered body image, low self esteem and increasing stress, anxiety or depression and have defined a distorted self portrait that enables us to lose confidence in our passions and dreams altogether.

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Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

When we are busy and it seems that our world is getting out of control it is very easy to blame ourselves! One way out of that trap is mindfulness. Here are easy ideas to help you become more mindful, forget about how fast or how slowly time is passing and really enjoy your life!

How to Determine Your Life’s Work

Our experiences are what move us into our life’s work. The choice is whether to respond to whatever life throws at us in a proactive way and keep moving forward, or stay stuck and flounder about.

How To Build Self-Esteem – Building Self-Esteem Through Achievement!

Don’t let your self-esteem hold you back! Learn how you can build self-esteem by setting yourself new challenges and achieving new things.

How To Gain Self-Confidence: 9 Quick Tips For Gaining Confidence In Yourself

Unsure how you would go about gaining more confidence in yourself? If so check out these 9 easy tips for gaining self-confidence that can and should be applied by everyone.

How To Easily Gain Confidence With Women

Most women will tell you that the most attractive thing that a man can possess is confidence. Confidence can’t be bought but you can certainly decide you want to have it and work for it. Below are ways you can increase your confidence that will draw women to you like a magnet.

Your Self Image Will Make You Or Break You

Have you ever had someone give you a compliment and you mentally rejected it? The compliment you rejected did not match your self-image so you could not receive it.

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