Don’t Avoid Obstacles – Overcome Them

Don't Avoid Obstacles - Overcome Them

Self Confidence Tips For Women

Research has shown that women are more likely to suffer from low self-confidence than men. It has a direct influence on the way women feel, behave and think. A good sense of self-confidence contributes towards success in relationships, work, social situations and other personal achievements.

The Female Chauvinist Pig – My Diary of Discovery

My journey of discovery about my personality type and how I interact with others has allowed me the freedom to accept myself by my own standards. As a consequence my self esteem is growing.

Getting to Happiness – The Journey Always Starts Here and Now

It’s no secret that the happiest people are people who are kind to themselves. If you’re someone who has a tendency to be hard on yourself, you’ve undoubtedly met one of these people and wondered, Why can’t I be like that? You can.

The Power of Self Belief – 6 Ways to Build Your Self Esteem

‎”I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” – Philippians 4:13. I want to share a little bit of my story about how I managed to develop the power of self belief. When I started working here in Singapore as a CAD Engineer coming from my home country, the Philippines, I encountered lots of challenges at work.

The Enemy of Self Esteem

The respect in which one holds oneself is based on ones belief of what and who they are as a human being. This greatly affects one’s feelings about self, life, relationships, and even determines their actions in a day-to-day context.

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Factors in Gaining Self Confidence and Self Esteem

The good news is that self-confidence and self-esteem are easily nurtured and repaired. This means that as an adult we can overcome the hardships of childhood and become better people that we like. We can still gain self-confidence through determination.

Learn Self Confidence and Gain Self Esteem

Ask yourself what skills you have, what abilities you have, and what do you like to do. Then combine them together into an activity. Go and perform this activity and soon you will find you have a level of confidence, and this in turn becomes self-esteem.

How to Be Steve McQueen – The King of Cool

You don’t have to be rich or classically handsome to borrow and benefit from the late Steve McQueen’s tough, all-American style of dressing. You simply need a few high quality basics, and two or three key accessories (boots, jacket, and sunglasses) to get the look just right. Any guy can do it, including you.

Loving Ourselves With Confidence

There are always things people want to change about themselves. Tall women want to be short, short men want to be tall, curly haired people dream of straight hair and being a straight haired person, I know that we dream of beautiful curls.

Same Old Thing, Different Day

Let us all take a look at our lives. We all fall into three categories. Some of us are people who are content where we are in life. What ever predicament we are in, good or bad, we are ok with it. Some of us are blamers. We get in a predicament and we blame others for our short comings in life. It is never our fault and we have a pity party. We stay in that predicament forever. Some of us are changers. We find ourselves in a predicament and we do what we need to do to get out. Which category do you fall into?

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Social Confidence – The World’s Best & Worst Advice

A friend of mine called out the blue the other day and told me a bout a date he had just been on…It was a complete disaster. He told me that he had done all the ‘right things’ but…

One Key to Your Self-Esteem

You probably have a few people in your life that are always asking you to do things for them. These people always seem to be using you, because they know that you will not say no.

Your Self-Esteem is Valuable

One of the things that has a significant bearing on a person’s self-esteem is the respect you get from others. The less respect, the lower your self-esteem, the more respect, the higher your self-esteem.

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem Without Losing the Real You

In personal life as in business, if you do not confront issues in front of you, you will only shrink in self esteem and self worth. Why rob yourself of the chance to live free, powerful and authentic?

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