Emotion Regulation in DBT: Checking the Facts

Emotion Regulation in DBT: Checking the Facts

Denial of Bad Behavior – What You Can Do

Learn Why We Believe Fake News, Lies and Abusers, and Follow 8 Empowering Steps to Stop Denying and Ignoring Lies, Abuse, and Bad Behavior We can deny positive input as well as negative. Denial can restrict expression of our rights, our power, and our abilities, diminishing our self-esteem and capacity to pursue our goals.

Remove Shyness With Belly Dancing

Do you consider yourself to be shy? Do you have a problem standing in front of people to make an announcement or to give a speech? Do you find it difficult to meet new people? You are not alone, almost fifty percent of the population admits to feeling shy.

Are You Being Bullied

According to the present day definition, I tend to believe everyone on the planet has been bullied at some point in their life. It happened to me when I was a little bitty squirt. In today’s world, some think that if another disagrees with you it’s bullying, or if they try to get you to actually do your job. Kids as well as adults can be pretty mean and uncaring at times. That is just a part of life. Like it or not, we are all human beings and being such we are part of the animal kingdom, and all animals have a pecking order, it has always been this way and will always be this way.

We Learn Life Lessons From the People Who Come Into Our Lives

One of the hot topics in today’s culture is bullying. It can be a real issue for those, especially the young, who are affected by this. It can be a very traumatic experience for those who are victimized. The only problem is, there are no victims in life, only participants. These so called bullies come into our lives for a reason. All we need to do is to discover the reason we are being taken advantage of, and take appropriate action to resolve the issue to our advantage and improve our lives in the process. Sometimes the solution is a physical solution and we need to deal with it physically to teach the person a lesson he or she will remember for time immemorial. But most often, it doesn’t need to end this way. On a more subconscious level, the bully is trying to teach us a lesson, once that is discovered, many times we can view that soul as someone who really made our life better by teaching us to become more self reliant, or guide us on a path of greater creativity.

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Feeling “Not Good Enough” – And What You Can Do About It

Many people have low self-esteem and feel they are “not good enough” for all the things they want to do, have, and be. Here is a counter-intuitive solution to the dilemma.

A Major Cause of Emotional Suffering

Is there one thing that is the primary cause of emotional suffering? Yes! Discover the one choice that underlies your emotional suffering.

Starting Over – It Only Gets Better!

In the past 20 years I have learned that there really is no starting over in life. We torture ourselves with self-depreciating thoughts that we have failed, wasted x number of years, or squandered our youth climbing the wrong mountain, but that’s not true!

Bullying Made Me Believe I Was Ugly

It is imperative we form and maintain the habit of using words wisely. What we say to others matters a great deal. We can make or break ourselves and others with our choice of words. Let us be a part of putting an end to all forms of bullying today.

How To Love Yourself Through The Difficult Times When There’s Little Growth

The way we treat ourselves in difficult moments says a lot about who we are. It’s easy to be on top of the world when things are going right and we want to hold on to this feeling hoping it will last forever. Yet when it doesn’t, it feels like we’re bound to train tracks with an oncoming train headed our way and unable to move.

5 Ways to Love Yourself Better
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A few days ago I was talking to some of my clients during a workshop and discussing possible ways to learn how to love ourselves better. There was so much interest that I decided to share with you the tips I gave them. Feel free to use them all or just some. They have an accumulative effect but can also be used one at a time. Enjoy loving yourself better from now on.

The Tyranny of Comparison

Do you compare yourself to others all the time? Do you have a difficult time to know what to wear to a function? Do you call your friends and compare yourself to them all the time? If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, it is fair to say that you do a lot of comparing in your life. And this can lead to many frustrating moments for yourself and others. The one main problem with comparison is that it makes us feel less of ourselves. When we compare, we never feel like we are enough. And this can lead to a lot of self-esteem issues that will follow you right into your adult years and beyond.

Do You Feel Unworthy, Rejected, or A Failure?

You deserve a better life. People may have used you, lied to you, abused you, and betrayed you, and made you think you do not deserve better, but you do; and deep down, you know it. We all have insecurities and limiting beliefs. How we let things go, how we do not set healthy boundaries, how we spend our money, how we are afraid to fail, and we are afraid of rejection, all stems from three beliefs we have of ourselves.

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A War in the Mind: A Campaign of Huge Losses, Only One Vital Victory

Why think of things that overextend ourselves? What happened is to be taken as a lesson, or the current challenges in life are tests of how much we can do before limitations begin to deter us. Have you done anything beyond yourself, or you are always thinking of I? There are many people who think of ‘you’ then, the family is the support units that stand their ground even as you fall. Acknowledge that.

How to Overcome Obesity Starts Within

This article is for people who have the desire to overcome obesity. This is a very big issue in the western world. More and more people each day are experiencing this particular issue. If you have an obesity issue, this is the time to make a very strong effort, to overcome weight gain in your life.

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