Focus On Learning and Creating Rather Than Entertainment and Distraction

Focus On Learning and Creating Rather Than Entertainment and Distraction

Most Common Questions About Trauma and Abuse

Men, are you bothered by persistent negative thoughts about your relationship? Do you feel you are being abused? Does your partner exhibit any of the following characteristics: uncontrolled temper, extremely jealous, fears abandonment, low self-esteem, to name a few.

The Co-Dependency List

A list that details some of the inherent complications of dating and relationships. I have seen and heard of these situations more than I care to remember.

Developing Self Worth – How to Improve the Way You See Yourself

Judging our own self, worth is difficult to do. We cannot get past the criticism of our negative thoughts and the praise of the positive ones. We usually do not even consider our influence on others, yet God may consider this more importantly than our personal achievement. The best thing to do is to develop our talents, use them liberally, and leave the judging to him.

Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali – Examples of Self Reliance

This is an article about the struggles in the lives of Jou Louis and Muhammad Ali and how they mastered them. Joe Louis, heavyweight boxing champion for 12 consecutive years (1937-1949), certainly knew what he was talking about.

Why Can’t I Be Happy?

No one is immune to unhappiness. One can be unhappy at different points in life. While it is natural to feel unhappy at some points in your life, it is not natural to feel unhappy all the time. What can you do to find your happiness? This article suggest some ways for you to rediscover your happiness again.

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How to Instill Self-Confidence in Children

It is often said, and rightly so, that what your child is doing when he or she is 13 helps decide what they will be doing at the age of 30. If he or she learns to hold their head high regardless of what comes their way, they have certainly sowed seeds of success, prosperity, and happiness he or she reaps as an adult. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each parent to create an environment where their child can learn how to be courageous, responsible, and self-confident.

How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

It is something that all parents attempt to provide their children with and something that many parents feel inadequate doing: raising a child that is self-confident. Self-esteem many times seems like a fragile and distant development that we all know what it is but are clueless when it comes to how to develop it. Your self-esteem consists of many different aspects of how you feel and see yourself.

Top Tips to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Having a high sense of self-esteem creates a successful path in life. If you are among those people who are too afraid to go out into the dark and shine, here are some recommended tips on how you can boost your self confidence and let your name be known to the world.

Self-Confidence Building at Work

Many people struggle to feel confident with their abilities in their jobs. To put it another way, many people wish they were more self-confident in their work, handling difficult situations, and dealing with coworkers. If you are one of these people, you are definitely not alone. So what can you do to feel more self-assured in your job?

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Empowering One’s Self: Confidence Building Exercises

Having self confidence enables you to manage your fears, confront and overcome adversities and maintain a positive attitude to achieve so much more in life. Discover the road to a happy, healthy and success filled life with proven and simple confidence building exercises.

How Low Self Esteem and Confidence Can Affect Those Around You

W-O-M-E-N. We are the joy and pride of the world. We make things happen and without us, the world is a confused place.

Creating Change: Are We Really a Product of Our History?

Perhaps you have heard the saying, “We are product of our history.” We are shaped, influenced, and molded by the interactions and opportunities that we experience as children. Our parents, our teachers, other influential adults in our lives, shape our journey from infancy into young adulthood trying to help us fit in to our prescribed roles in society. It is during this process that we also learn adaptive patterns of behavior, good or bad, that shape our lives as adults and that make some of us more receptive to change than others.

5 Questions to Help You Become Your Authentic Self

It’s a complaint you and many others may share: I don’t feel authentic! These 5 questions can help you change this.

Overcoming a Confidence Crisis

A confidence crises can be brought on by setbacks including a breakup of a relationship, losing a job, or losing a business deal. When you go through these tough times, small things can be the final straw that leads to the crisis. In order to protect yourself from such a crisis, it is vital to take control of your life and yourself. You have to learn how to tune out external stimuli.

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