Following Your Breathing By Measuring Your Breaths

Following Your Breathing By Measuring Your Breaths

The Top Two Ways to Create a Confident Young Adult

For me, the top two ways a parent teaches their children to feel confident and good about themselves is by telling them what they should expect for and from themselves in their life. Of course, children of all ages run into people who won’t follow those rules; whereby they are challenging the boundaries of respect and expectations.

Knowing Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels

These beings have always wanted us to know that they are around us, ready to help us, and to answer our prayers. Have you ever noticed that you suddenly look over to a building number or down to a car license plate? Do you remember your grandparents telling you about how our Universe was created, and that it was created by number, and most everything in this world and around it is created by numbers? Some of us just intuitively know how to communicate with the Angelic Realm and every bit of their prayers are answered, quickly.

5 Simple And Effective Tips For Improving Self Esteem

Do you have low self esteem? If so follow these five simple and effective tips for improving your self esteem.

HALT! And Rise Above Feelings of Inferiority

Feelings are often the result of how well we take care of and nurture ourselves. Use the HALT method to overcome feelings of inferiority. By tending to your immediate needs you will more effectively maintain an attitude of confidence and reach higher levels of success.

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How Precious Are Your Thoughts About Yourself?

Our self-image plays a critical role to our overall success because how we think about ourselves is often demonstrated in our attitudes and actions. By looking to the scriptures we can find our value and worth, and begin to develop the confidence needed for greater personal success. We can align our thoughts about ourselves with what God thinks about us and develop the attitudes and actions of which champions are made.

How Self-Confidence Helps Me Prevail

As a woman wearing many hats, I have learned the value of self-confidence. With three daily steps I am able to develop this assurance and triumphantly meet the needs of my employer, serve my husband and family, and shepherd others in ministry. Learn how you, too, can develop self confidence and achieve greater levels of personal success.

5 Keys to Build Confidence and Letting Go of Fear

I’m sure we have all faced times when a lack of confidence in ourselves has cost us something that we wanted. Confidence can be built one step at a time. If we don’t believe in ourselves we are inclined to allow those negative voices of self-doubt to control us and the fear felt from this self-doubt will hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Build Confidence by Changing Limiting Beliefs

Many people lack confidence due to their limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that tend to hold you back and prevent you from getting what you want in life. They are usually formed through negative experiences. In order to reach your true potential, it’s important to replace these beliefs with thoughts that empower you. This article will show you how.

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Who’s Writing Your Life Script?

We all live our lives based on assumptions – beliefs we are sure are true about what we are capable of doing, what is acceptable for us to do, and what we think is inevitable. So where do those assumptions come from?

Self Esteem: Taking Back Your Life

If I asked you how often you feel a loss of control over your life and the course it’s taken in different areas, what would you say? Are there people in your circle who have proclaimed themselves your adviser, conscience or crystal ball? May I ask what gives them that right? And furthermore, why are you giving them permission to create your reality? Or, does it have nothing to do with other people, you just lack the confidence to go after the life you really want? This is your life… it’s your turn. And the best news is, you can call the shots and take total control over your happiness and the outcome of your dreams and goals. Here’s how…

Guilt, Debt and Happiness

Not everyone, but many people, have a level of guilt, insecurity or self-consciousness, a general unease and discomfort around other people. This article is about the cause and thus how to release guilt and attain emotional freedom. The key is at the end of the article, but you need to read the whole thing!

When We Change Ourselves Others Change

A lifecoach I know (I’ll call him Jason) was a speaker at a motivation conference. During the break his friend asked him if he would help a woman in distress.

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Accept Who You Are

All people are different. The idea is to realize that and embrace those differences.

Do You Blame Someone Else For Your Mistakes?

The trouble is that if you start blaming others, it can become a habit. Automatically, if something goes wrong, you stand well back and if asked whether you had anything to do with it, you say emphatically, “no”. On the other hand, do you accept the credit when you’ve done something well? You’d better believe it!

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