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Get the Most Out of Your Books - Be an Active Reader

How to Love Life Again – Lesson 3: Change Your Outlook On Life

Three key lessons that will help bring more happiness and fulfillment in your life. Lesson 1: Start by Loving Yourself. Lesson 2: Conquer Your Fears and Lesson 3: Change Your Outlook On Life. Each lesson aims to empower and ignite your love of life all over again. Whether you feel like you are stuck in a rut or simply want to get more enjoyment from your life; this is a good start. Passion, enjoyment and contentment are already yours if you choose to open your heart. Start today!

6 Great Tips to Assist You in Building Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is extremely important when it comes to making progress, both in your personal life and in business. People tend to treat you exactly how you treat yourself, so if you think very little of yourself then so will others. The problem is that many people get caught up in a vicious circle of putting themselves down and in turn being put down by others, but the good news is that you can bring a halt to this by changing the way you treat and think of yourself.

3 Top Tips for Gaining Self-Confidence

These days when you look around you, it is very hard to ignore that fact that very few people among us are happy, fulfilled and living purposefully. Most of us tend to settle for living average lives and seem unable to cope with our problems. People blame society and their conditions for their present situation, wrongly thinking that they have no control over their lives and must accept that whether they like it or not, other people and things are in control of them and how far they can progress in life.

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What Is the First Thing You Tell Yourself in the Morning?

The first things that you tell yourself in the morning when you wake up, your first thoughts, set you up for the rest of the day. If you have negative thoughts your day is more likely to be shadowed by negativity and low energy, but if you think positive thoughts as you get out of bed your day will most likely be full of energy and happiness. To keep your self-esteem up you need to welcome yourself to a beautiful day.

Avoid Being Self Conscious

Self-consciousness implies being unduly aware of oneself to the extent that you become awkward and uneasy in the presence of others. You feel that everyone is staring at you and observing your appearance, clothes, and mannerisms.

3 Ways to Build Strong Self-Esteem

Building a strong self-esteem isn’t really as difficult as most people make it as hard to be. In this article, we will look at 3 simple ways in which one can start building a strong self-esteem today!

The Three Big Enemies of Self-Esteem

Raising your self-esteem mainly comes from getting rid of the things that are hindering you towards developing the level of self-esteem you always wanted. In this article, we will look at the 3 main enemies of self-esteem.

Get Your Mind Right, Begin Building Self Confidence

So how do you prepare yourself to begin building self confidence? Do you lack self confidence? First you need to recognize and fully understand the problem and take action to seek a solution.

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Are You In Love With Your Stories? Use EFT and Tapping to Leave Them Behind!

Have you ever heard a couple (or been that couple) in an argument where both feel the need to present their side of the story? Where an invisible, or not so invisible, mediator must weigh the merits of each argument? It is done in the name of feeling “heard”. Just like in a court of law, no matter how right one side seems to be, both sides always seem to lose. I once heard it stated that “being right is the booby prize in a relationship”, and although I agree, I think that we can go a little deeper. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Meridian Tapping) can help you to break this cycle!

How a Toddler’s Broken Car Leads to Adult Insecurity

A common experience in childhood, one an adult would view as very minor, can grow to a life pattern of relationship problems. Mom or Dad may be in the middle of getting dinner ready when the 2-year old comes in wanting to say something important. It could be about his car that lost a wheel or her frustration that she couldn’t get the block through the correct hole.

How To Build Self Esteem

Most of the common causes of low self esteem can be traced at home and the environment that surrounds us. ┬áLack of love and affection can decrease one’s self significantly.

How an Emotional Scar Causes Relationship Problems

When you are hurt physically or emotionally, a scar frequently develops. I would dare say you have more emotional ones than physical. Whereas a scar in your knee may result in some stiffness when you walk, one on your emotional self can cause difficulties in relationships.

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Whose Expectations Are You Trying to Live Up to – Your Own or Others?

Most people feel like there are certain expectations that they should try to live up to. Expectations of how to be at work, expectations of how to be as parents, expectations of how to behave towards your relatives etc. These are all personal ideas of what you think that others expect of you, and these ideas may or may not be what other people actually expect you to do. Instead of striving to meet other’s expectations, it is better to set your own expectations of yourself.

Start Living and Put an End to Negative Self-Talk

What is happiness? Is it having enough money to take care of your family and take as many holidays a year as you want? Or is it living in a mansion out in the country?

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