Guided Relaxation Meditation for Sleep, Insomnia & Anxiety

Guided Relaxation Meditation for Sleep, Insomnia & Anxiety

7 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

This Article is about a number of ways to combat and defeat low self-esteem. As we all are aware of the fact that in today’s society, image is everything. People are judged by everything from the color of their skin to the music they choose to listen.

Self-Worth – How Can I Feel Special?

There are several ways in which people value themselves and assess their self-worth. A common thing is to look for some way you are better than others. But not everyone can beat the competition. But there is always someone richer, better thought of, or more influential than you or me. What is meaningful in life varies according to individual interest and experience but doing something that you happen to value can help with self-worth. I would suggest that the more your own ways of living are in harmony with the values you cherish then the more self-worth you will feel.

A Free Confidence Building Course – 5 Strategies For Every Day Life

Lots of people go through life with no confidence. And that may include you, even though on the outside, people think you are confident. You may lack self belief in your ability to create a successful life and business and this will get in the way of you being all you can be. Read through this article and implement.

Turn Yourself Into The Person Of Your Dreams

Some of us want to lose weight, some of us want more money and some of us just want to build amazing relationships; but it’s hard to reach those goals and results if the person taking those actions isn’t coming from a confident, definite, and persistent place. Have you noticed that whenever you begin your journey towards any goal, if your heart or confidence isn’t fully invested in that goal, you end up getting bored, quitting or failing?

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How to Get Self Confidence: Some Timeless Tips For Getting It Back!

Do you know the way you think about yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you? So it is very important to have a high self esteem. This can adversely affect one’s personality leading to dull and dejected behaviors. Therefore, to get rid of such circumstances, one has to feel positive about his existence and the work he does. Here are some simple yet powerful tips to get you out of such gloomy situations, which in turn will fill you up with extreme self confidence and good will.

7 Tiny Things You Can Do To Feel Confident In Any Situation

Feeling a little jittery about an upcoming appointment or interview? Nerves can get the better of even the best among us, and therefore having a simple and effective strategy to find your way around them can be very helpful. Here are 7 simple and tiny things you can do to feel more confident in a situation.

Teen Versus Ty

Do you think time is always against you? Do you look at the students in uniform and think to yourself that you are old? Are your hectic schedules in the way of you enjoying your life? Do you wish the time machine could take you back to adolescent years? Make your decision after reading this article!

Crashing Waves – A Humbling Experience

Remember that it is important to be confident in life. Confidence breeds success. However, be sure not to become overly arrogant. There will be many humbling experiences in life. Life will knock you down like the crashing waves of ocean.

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9 Reasons To Be Addicted To Confidence

Confidence really matters! Do you know why? In this article I list 9 reasons to be addicted to confidence.

Tom Cruise And The Missing Manhood

“Just be yourself bro”. This old school axiom has been passed through the male gender since time immemorial. But this pearl of wisdom has been repeatedly misinterpreted by men, and has usually given them a one way ticket to the friend zone.

4 Ways to Get Past Your Insecurities

I’m going to be very real with you. Possibly to my own detriment, but I’ll take the risk. Why would I do that? Most likely because somebody reading this really needs to see these words.

How to Build Your Confidence As An Image Consultant

Are you new in the image consulting business? Here is how you can handle your clients confidently especially when you are new.

A Unique and Splendid Gift

Did you know that underneath your many human layers and wrappings, you are a precious gift? It’s true. Please pause for a moment and realize you are a shining diamond of light underneath it all.

9 Ways To Judge Your Own INTEGRITY

How often have you listened to what often seems like endless discussions about how essential it is to possess the highest degree of absolute integrity? The reality is generally that it is far easier to state one’s desire and/ or the need to behave a certain way, and one of the most difficult challenges we face is to be able to objectively identify our own behavior, in a manner which is introspective and delving. While it is certainly a necessity for those who wish to be the best they can be, one can only approach performing and behaving in a…

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