How Boredom Can Help You Be More Productive and Creative

How Boredom Can Help You Be More Productive and Creative

How to Stop Being Embarrassed

We all make mistakes, simply put, it’s part of being human. It can be quite embarrassing sometimes to make even the smallest mistakes in front of people, especially ones we care particularly about what they think about us. Here is some advice about how to stop being embarrassed.

Assisting Your Youngster With Building Up Their Self-Worth

Because children often have a hard time developing a positive level of self-esteem, it’s important to find ways to help. By celebrating their accomplishments, recognizing their positive qualities and helping your child discover their own good qualities you can help them build their self-esteem.

Tips to Improve Self Confidence

Self-confidence is not a trait that all of us are born with but it is something that can be developed over time. Don’t worry if you are lacking in this department you are not doomed forever. There are hundreds of tips and techniques you can use right now to help you. Here are a few ways to improve self confidence…

Tips for Ending Codependency and Starting to Rely on Yourself

Codependent thinking is a sneaky disease. It is a disease of the thought process that emotionally robs us of happiness. We unknowingly program our children to think as codependents, when we condition them to worry more about what we think about them, than what they think about themselves. We divorce, drink, and overeat because we falsely assume others should be who and what we want them to be, and when they refuse we feel hopeless. Codependency is a rampant condition of thoughts that effects our emotional states, which eventually drives our irrational behaviors.

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Fish Don’t Live In Trees, And Monkeys Don’t Live In Water

You may be wondering what I mean by this strange topic, but wait a bit. Of course everyone knows that fish don’t live in the trees neither do monkeys live in water, so why state the obvious? Well, this is a just a metaphor, and when you now apply it to its intended meaning, the answer becomes less obvious.

4 Definite Ways to Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the belief in one’s self; it is the belief in one’s personal judgments, abilities, and powers. It is the first step to success and without it a man is left useless. This article will help to point you in the right direction so you can build self-confidence.

Blessings for the Sensitive

Sensitive people tend to feel more and may be somewhat imprisoned to feeling. That’s how it feels; to be somewhat trapped. We’re not so trapped, however, but to feel is our default. We go there in a flash. But what’s stated in this article is a great advantage for sensitive people. They are more in touch with their world than the insensitive are.

5 Facts You Need to Know If You Want to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

Get the facts straight about self-esteem. You will safe time and money.

Shades Of Controversy

Marcus Garvey said some years ago, “Rise up might race” but are we stifled by the shade of dark controversy about our skin color? While we say we are strong and beautiful, the other side of our actions say otherwise and we try to erase from the canvas, a colorful paint that gave us an illustrious identity in life. Let us see where we stand in the stoplight as we examine the true color of our society.

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Personal Development Gurus Speak Out on Homeless Wi Fi Debate

There’s presently an enormous amount of media buzz about global marketing and branding agency, BBH’s experiment of hiring homeless people to act as Wi Fi Hotspots at the SBSX (South by Southwest) technology conference in Austin Texas. In case you’ve been out of town and missed the story, essentially the agency hired homeless people, dressed them in T-shirts labeled “I am (name). I’m a 4G Hotspot,” and released them around the SBSX event.

Self-Respect Is the Gateway to Self-Esteem

This weekend I was having a conversation with one of our coaching clients and he told me his wife worked for a weight loss center. He told me about a conversation his wife had with a potential client that she was talking to.

11 Ways to Stop Caring What People Think

Have you ever really wanted to do something but you didn’t do it because you were scared of what people would think? I’m betting that the answer is yes. You didn’t do what you wanted because you wanted to be seen as a nice person.

A Look at Overcoming Shyness

There’s been a lot of talk about shyness but if you really want you make a change you need to start overcoming your shyness. Just thinking about it isn’t enough.

Are You a Quiet Extravert?

Are you an Extravert? Extraverts can be the quietest ones in the room as we scan for things to capture our interest in the outer world, or we can be instigating a lively discourse. While we may be chattier than introverts, we may also be the ones to get our introverted friends and colleagues to freely open up and share all that great stuff in their heads. Here’s what’s so great about being an extravert.

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