How I Learn And Remember Things Easily – The Effort Rule

How I Learn And Remember Things Easily - The Effort Rule

Know Your Self Worth

We are the only ones that can tell ourselves what our worth is and ours is the only opinion that really matters. Why do we value ourselves so little; even those who appear to be confident have as much doubts as the person who seems humble?

Confidence Activities You Can Do to Build Up Your Self Esteem

Self esteem is very difficult to gauge. Do you have it? Do you not? What we all know from life coaches to motivational speakers to personal development authors is that you need to take action.

Complete Confidence – Is it Possible?

They’re are myths about personal confidence. One of them being if complete confidence is attainable. If you want to achieve confidence, this article will shed some very important views on the matter.

Bragging Rights! The Internet – A Democracy – A Place For Everyone’s Positive Self-Expression!

Technology has changed so much in our lives from cell phones to which some of us have become addicted to computers which seem to rule our “daily lives”! It has done more! It has given people bragging rights! I think that’s wonderful!

Believe in Yourself!

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis and don’t know how to get out of it? Learn 10 amazing empowerment tips that will change your life!

Tough Spot in Your Life? Feeling Down, Lost – What’s the Good News?

Everyone in their lives will feel like this at some points and, sometimes, many times over. It’s not easy to know where to turn or what to do. The world seems like such a dark place at moments like these.

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You Are Beautiful With Your Curly Hair

Some days ago, my niece came to me and cried when she told me about her hair. The ten-year-old girl told me that she was sad because her hair is curly. Her friends laughed at her curly hair and she did not like it. She wished to have straight long hair like her girl friends.

Developing Your Self Concept

Self concept encompasses beliefs, perceptions and expectations as the core of your self-identity. Although it differs from self-esteem, it does influence your feelings of self-worth and the way you perceive your relationship to the world.

He Told Me – “You Can’t Challenge My Idea I Have a 155 IQ”

Just because someone is smarter than you or has more intelligence, does not mean they are going to achieve as much in life. In fact, there is a certain level of intelligence which is needed to succeed, but too much intelligence often leads to the exact opposite.

There is a Connection Between Your Self Esteem and the Law of Attraction

Most people have poor self esteem at some point in their life. It doesn’t get better unless you stop comparing yourself against other people. This runs counter to many other writers, but even if you are the best runner or the number one salesman today, you then have to defend your position. This competitive position will always sabotage your attempts to consciously manifest using the Law of Attraction.

Self-Esteem, Self-Expression and the Sense of Significance

One of the basic human needs is a sense of significance. We need to feel that we are somebody, that we matter and that we are important. That need is so great that it gets to define whom we are, how we interact with others and most of our behavior.

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Self Esteem – Three Feelings That Will Raise Your Self Esteem

We don’t often focus on feelings to raise our self esteem, but what is self esteem if not a feeling of self worth? Howard Gardner in 1983 wrote, Frames of Mind, on the multiple intelligences, most of which are not covered or taught in schools, but which are very useful in later life. Yet, our feelings of self esteem usually evolve from grammar school. Read on if you would like the simple way to change this.

Self Esteem – Instantly Fixed

In algebra, a+b=c, but this is not true in human lives. You are not the sum of your experiences. You started out with intrinsic value as a unique human being, and as a spirit connected to the One/Source/Divinity. We usually judge ourselves very harshly which also affects how we judge others. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this so we can take control.

6 Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem

Self esteem can be damaged in many different ways. You could have lost your job or worst the last few jobs, your soul mate might of left you, you might of failed in opening your own business or possibly you were raised without people skills or character. Whatever your reason is, you need help and I will share some tips with you that hopefully will help you overcoming your low self esteem.

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