How I Make My Videos (The Entire Behind-The-Scenes Process)

How I Make My Videos (The Entire Behind-The-Scenes Process)

What is the Link Between Self-Esteem and the Ability to Say No?

If you want to raise your self-esteem it is important that you learn to say no to things that you don’t want to do. By doing this you will show yourself (and others) that you are important.

Do You Like What You Are Telling Yourself?

“You are not good enough. You are too fat. Who do you think you are? Look at you, you are a loser. Nobody wants to spend time with you!” “Stop it! This is absolutely shocking!” said my client after I was finished with my statements. “Nobody is ever allowed to talk to me that way” and I could only agree with her.

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem & Reach Your Goals Faster

College football Hall of Fame coach Lou Holts was right when he said “You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.” This article will help you become the winner you are destined to be.

How to Gain Confidence – Learn How to Deal With Anything

Being able to deal with problems is a huge part of how to gain confidence. If you can cope with whatever comes your way, your self-esteem will be built on a strong foundation.

Self-Esteem – Why Would Anyone Else Love You If You Don’t Love Yourself?

My sense is that self-esteem is a learned skill. After all, did anyone ever teach you how to optimize your self-esteem? For most people the answer is NO. That begs the question: how are your relationships affected by your self-esteem now?

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How to Gain Confidence – Using Visualization to Gain Confidence

Olympic athletes use visualization to improve their performance. They work on the principle that actively picturing the scenario and the desired result is a powerful way of conditioning the mind and body to perform at superior levels.

7 Tips to Ensure You Are Feeling Good

When it comes to mental health, one of the biggest problems people face is admitting that something is wrong, and most of the time this is to do with pride and feeling shame. Unlike other health problems, admitting something is wrong mentally carries a social stigma; despite the greater levels of public awareness nowadays. However, there is so much to gain from spotting the warning signs of mental frailties early, and introducing subtle changes in your lifestyle to overcome any negative thoughts.

Learning to Love My Self From a Woman on the Edge

About 6 years ago at a therapist boot camp presented by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, by the name of Bryan Post I was introduced to his stress model. It was a synthesis of information from family systems, neuroscience, trauma and attachment theory.

5 Signs You Have Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem occurs when we have a poor self-image of ourselves. We look at ourselves in the mirror and have nothing positive to say. This is a vicious cycle because what feeds your low self-esteem is the negative things you say to yourself, and the lower your self-esteem goes, the more negative things you will have to say about yourself.

Tap Your Way to Better Self Esteem With EFT
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You are not born with a self-image. The impressions from people and experiences in the first few years of life shape the beliefs you have about yourself today. Self-beliefs are at the core of what you attract into your life. EFT is an acupressure tapping technique that is able to reach and re-program core beliefs that are holding you back.

How to Gain Confidence – I Am a Failure

It’s something many of us have said to ourselves in moments of despair and self-pity. Especially when things are going badly, we can feel like we have not succeeded in our lives. It can destroy our confidence.

How to Gain Confidence – Deal With Anxiety

If you want to learn how to gain confidence, then anxiety must be managed better. This article shows you how you can deal with anxiety.

Expressive Writing – How to Gain Confidence

Being able to cope with bad times is crucial for building confidence. Expressive writing is an incredibly effective way of releasing negative emotions, so that you can get over bad events quickly and feel better sooner.

Achieving Self Confidence

It’s a great big wonderful world to live in, laugh in, love in and speak in. It’s an even more wonderful world when your speech is fluent, informed, intelligible, audible and attractive. When the garment of a melodious speaking voice fits closely to the body of your meaning you achieve a self-reliance to meet any and every situation.

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