How Successful People THINK

How Successful People THINK

Get Off Your Butt and Just Do It

So, you let others control you? Self doubt, bad idea. Get control, believe in yourself.

Love Yourself More to Get What You Want Out of Life

Not enough love in your life? Maybe you want just one special someone, or maybe you have a special someone, and you just want them to love you more. If you want more love from anyone though, you have to remind yourself of one very important thing. You are the most important thing in your world! Please remember that the airlines say that in the event of a crash, put your mask on first, so that you can then help your child or others around you. The same holds true in life and love, you have to help yourself first if you can ever hope to have love, peace, and happiness left over for others.

Building Self Esteem – 5 Quick Tips

Do you realize that you are the only individual in the world with your fingerprints? Building self esteem is about understanding your value. Here are 5 quick tips to chew on.

How to Build Unshakeable Self Confidence

You were born confident and you learned to be shy. Right now you are probably a ‘professional shy person’ skilled at; poor social interaction, avoiding the opposite sex, and delivering shaky presentations. This article contains powerful tips extracted from the best selling eBook ‘The Confidence Blueprint’, which are guaranteed to boost your self esteem, eliminate shyness and develop the vital skill of self confidence.

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How to Act Your Way to Confidence

Behaving confidently even if you don’t feel that way inside creates an experience of confidence that will eventually become real. This fake it till you make it practice really works.

There is Something Wrong With You

Many of us, to some extent or another, have a CORE BELIEF that something is wrong with us, that we are broken in some way and it’s very important that nobody else ever find out what that is. To compensate for this feeling of shame we could use any number of coping strategies.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse – Take Back Your Power

Adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse may have spent long years thinking all kinds of negative things about themselves: “I’m not supposed to be here,” “I’m worthless,” “I don’t deserve to be happy or successful or liked”…because that’s what these victims were told by those whose authority they respected. They may have attracted a series of abusers into their lives over the years, who’ve only reinforced the negative messages of the original abuser. It’s likely that the victim still has an abuser in his or her life, whether parent, spouse, significant other, or lesser player. And that negative self-image is reinforced, layer upon layer.

Discover Your Beauty

The compliments we receive can either help or hurt our self-esteem. We decide which it will be.

Weight Matters

Are looks that important? Do women care about weight? We certainly do…but not for the reasons you may think.

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Building Self Esteem in 3 Simple Steps

You can boost your self esteem very easily just by taking small steps that are simple to follow. Boosting your self esteem is merely a process of implementing small habits that add up to huge results. Here are 3 simple ways to get started…

Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming shyness may seem overwhelming or impossible. Not so! It takes effort, just like changing any behavior, but it is very possible and well worth the effort…

Why Rejection Rocks

When you approach a woman and get rejected it sucks, but if you look at it the right way it is also an opportunity. We’ve been conditioned to think that life is only great when we move through all endeavors with ease and success. I’m here to tell you that you can learn more from your less-than-successful encounters with more useful information and wisdom than you think.

All About Body Image

In simple words, body image means the physical appearance of your body according to your own perception. In other words, body image is an internal sense of having the body translated by your brain. A person perceives how he/she look to others, which can be entirely different to how he/she actually appears to them.

Don’t Allow Others to Bring You Down – Commiseration is Not Healthy

Many folks like to tell others their problems, and they work very hard to find friends who will listen, unfortunately these people go through friends fairly quickly, but there is a good reason for this. You see, no one really wants to feel bad all the time, even if their friends need so desperately someone to talk to, or complain to, make excuses to, and commiserate with.

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