How to (Actually) Read More Books

How to (Actually) Read More Books

How To Get Self Confidence: 5 Tips For Building Your Self Confidence

They say that self confidence is all in your mind. And to an extent that’s true. But when you’re sitting or standing there, a nervous quivering wreck, it can be hard to believe that you’re the one who’s creating your lack of confidence. Here are five tips to build your self confidence.

Become an Anomaly Amongst Your Peers – Do It For Self, Not for Cheers

As a younger man, I was quite a show off, I always wanted to be the best in everything and I wanted everyone to know it. Often I was completely “in your face” about it. Once as a young track star, I came across the finish line, and held the number one sign up to the crowd in victory.

3 Tips to Improve Your Confidence

Does your confidence level get lowered by the various daily life problems? If so, this is a clear indicator you need to improve and build your self confidence. There are many cases where confidence changes into over confidence.

Quick Tips To Raise Your Self Esteem

Low self esteem knows no age barriers. Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t just grow out of low self esteem. However, there are ways you can raise your self esteem and have a more enjoyable life.

Is Your Self-Esteem Low?

Low self-esteem can negatively effect a person’s work, personal, and scholastic life. The continual feeling of unworthiness and inadequacy often undermines any attempt to succeed even at simple tasks. If you find that you are suffering from these types of feelings, you need to ask yourself, “Is my self-esteem low?” The way you view yourself is your self-esteem, which also involves your attributes, and your capabilities.

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How Trying to Turn My Tummy From a Keg to a Six Pack Could Result in the End of the World!

Okay, so for all of you legendary people that I have had the honour of meeting personally, you will know that there is a slight “cuddly” side to me. You will know that I have something in common with a Buddha, have a low center of gravity and have been told that I possess the sign of a “Good Daddy”. Yes indeed folks, I have something that is considered a sign of great wealth amongst African Kings, something that all Kiwi people know the Maori term for (Puku Nui) and something that David Brent (of “The Office” Fame)…

How To Build Self-Esteem And Live A Fulfilling Life

Build self-esteem by taking care of the three areas in a person’s life. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to start your path to living a fulfilling life.

Checking Your Self-Confidence Levels

Do you want to be confident? You may have answered – yes; I truly want confidence. However, the answer doesn’t quite have an impact since it is generalized. Everyone would like to do well and strike it rich, but few people realize their wish. The reason is because in order to get where you want to go in life, you have to have confidence that you can quantify. The task you need to be confident in needs to be defined, which allows you to execute it in a successful way. Your dream has to have a deadline!

How To Love Yourself Against All Odds
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When I taught martial arts several years ago, I remember one particular sparring competition where I saw two young boys squaring up to one another, in what appeared to be a pretty unevenly balanced match. You see, one of the opponents was taller, heavier and more experienced than the other. Yet his smaller adversary stood as tall as he could and looked him soundly in the eye, this kid oozed confidence and self-assurance.

Self-Esteem: Why 99% of People Have It Wrong

Want more self-esteem? Forgot about 99% of what people have told you. This article will show you what self-esteem truly is and the only real way to develop more of it. You will learn what is holding you back from having more of it and how to remove this barrier from your life.

It’s All About Loving Yourself

We spend our whole life in search of love from others. We wish that true love will find us and that special love will change our life. If you don’t find the love then you fall into the valley of emptiness and feel lost. We always tell our mind that if I get true love then I will be the happiest person on the earth. Actually it works the other way round. You need to love yourself to get love from others and you need to love yourself to give love to others. How can we give something to others which we do not have?

How Low Can You Go – Part 2

Self-esteem. For some of us its a dirty word. Mostly because we feel we can’t control it. It controls us.

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How Low Can You Go – Part 1

In trying to find my triggers for overeating and sabotaging my fitness goals, I have come to realize I am my own worse enemy. Rather my self-esteem is.

Building Your Self-Confidence

Accepting yourself in a loving way is the first step. No one is perfect, therefore, why shed tears about your imperfections. This is the way God made us – Imperfect! Someone else may have qualities that we lack, but we also may have qualities that another person lacks. The incomplete feelings causes people to go out and find companions that make us feel wanted, complete, and loved, which is a great feeling!

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