How To Be Confident – Obtaining Reference Experiences

How To Be Confident - Obtaining Reference Experiences

Are You Confident That Your New Year Resolutions Will Succeed?

Many of us will shortly be making promises that in our hearts we know will not succeed, even with the best of intentions. Are you confident that this year will will change? Why not make THIS New Year different?

Building Self Esteem Today Will Create Powerful Life Success Quickly

Everyone one knows self esteem is very important in one’s life. Self esteem teaches people who they are and what they want to be in their life.

Three Simple Steps to Pump Up Self Confidence

Having self confidence about your ability to achieve what you want in life gives you the motivation you need to take the action to get to your ultimate goals. Write 3-5 things each day that you are really grateful for in life. You will be amazed at what happens when you continue to do this and how much it changes your thinking to be really positive. Instead of attempting to achieve everything at once break the actions into smaller steps that you want to meet each day. Each time you cross off the small steps, you gain more confidence in yourself and you’ll empower.

Are You Beautiful?

Beauty standards – I’m always intrigued by who determines whether you are beautiful or whether you aren’t. Who sets these standards? How do they impact on us? And…. do we have to buy into them?

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Date Yourself For a While

Many people think that they must be part of a couple to be happy. They are at a loss when they do not have a partner to do things with them.They cant cope with the new found freedom and feel that a part of them is missing.

Build Self Esteem to Be Drug Free

It is nearly impossible to effectively journey down the path to recovery without realizing that you deserve to be drug-free. Building your self-esteem requires effort on your part, and, just like during your self-assessment, it also requires personal honesty. Building self esteem helps not only with personal acceptance, but with staying strong during your recovery as well. To begin with, you need to answer a few questions Do I deserve happiness in my life? Should I expect to be accepted by others? What do I want out of life?

How to Identify Low Self Esteem and Lack of Confidence

How do you know if you suffer from a lack of confidence or low self esteem? There isn’t some light that flashes on or nasty rash that appears when you do is there!

Just Say ‘NO’ For Higher Self Esteem and Confidence

How many times have you said ‘YES’ to someone when all you really wanted to say was a big fat ‘NO’? At work, to a friend or in a relationship it happens all the time doesn’t it?

I Vowed I Would Never Sound Like My Mother!

How many of us promised ourselves that when we were adults, we would not sound like our mothers? How many of us have children and are discovering that on occasion we do sound like our mothers?

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Are You Fully at Choice in Your Life?

Maybe you’re feeling more like the victim than the victor. You ask: Why does the worst always happen to me? Why did that decision I made not turn out the way I expected? Why did that path I chose not lead me to my desired destination?

Practice Extreme Self-Care

When you are creating your perfectly confident life, it’s important that you learn to take extremely good care of yourself – physically, mentally and spiritually – and to always put your best interests first. There is a good reason why airlines instruct passengers who travel with small children to put their own oxygen mask on in an emergency and only then put a mask on the child.

Confident Smalltalk Planner – 6 Steps to a Perfect Event

Does not knowing how to make smalltalk hold you back socially? Do you avoid attending events because you don’t know what to say? Here are 6 steps for confident smalltalk in any situation.

How to Remove Self Limiting Beliefs and Behaviours

Goal setting is an invaluable tool in success and happiness. However, it can be of little long term use, whilst you still harbour self limiting beliefs, which can hold you back from actually taking the necessary actions in achieving your goals.

Courage Within

One of my favourite movies as a little girl was “The Wizard of OZ”. I remember feeling sorry for the Cowardly Lion, because he was scared of his own tail and I was puzzled by the concept of being afraid of oneself. Despite his claim of being “King of the Forest”, the Cowardly Lion had lost his self confidence.

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