How To Be Funny – Easily Visualized

How To Be Funny - Easily Visualized

Feeling Worthy and of Value

During these times of financial meltdown, many people’s lives are being affected. It is now trickling into almost every arena and sector of the nation and the world. In these times, we must find what value and worth we really have besides the currency we operate on and so dearly try to hold on to. When everything seems to be slipping away, we are being tested in our strength, courage and faith to find the clear path.

How to Change Your Life As a Midlife Woman by Removing Three Blocks to Self-Acceptance

In a previous article, I talked about moving the first block to self-acceptance so that as a midlife woman, you could finally live for yourself and experience the age of miracles. This article covers the other three blocks.

How to Change Your Life As a Midlife Woman by Removing the First Block To Self-Acceptance

Many years ago, I discovered that women over 50 have a clear advantage. By that time, they have usually given up trying to please others and have finally come to own their own importance. Midlife Women, at least women over 40, have the opportunity to finally come to self-acceptance or forever be the victims of ‘not good enough.” But, some of us have blocks. Do you know yours? Read on…

Ways to Build Self-Esteem – 5 Hot Tips You Must Know to Create Social Success!

FREE tips and advice on ways to build self esteem to get the man or woman you want. With the right how to raise your self-esteem skills and techniques, you will be on your way to social success.

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How to Love You – Five Steps on the Journey of Self-Love

Your ability to love others lies in direct proportion to your ability to love yourself. Because the world needs so much love today, learn these five steps to loving you to strengthen and enrich your inner reserves today!

2 Simple Ways to Raise Your Self-confidence

A persons self-confidence means a lot nowadays. It affects just about everything in their life. Meaning: If you have bad self-confidence, life will not be easy for you, actually life will be a LOT more difficult.

Intuition – Never Forget Your Spanner – A Story With a Useful Lesson

When our inner self is telling us something then we should sit up and take notice. It is so easy to ignore our inner feelings or intuition. Alas, though this resource is available to us all, we so often fail to take advantage of it or fail to believe in it.

Building Confidence – Be a Rebel During Questionable Times

Develop assets that no one can take away. Build reserves of confidence that are unshakeable. Open your mind to see circumstances from various perspectives, and choose actions that are unique. Read on to learn 10 tips to build confidence and be a rebel when tomorrow seems uncertain.

On Developing Positive Self Esteem

Positive self esteem is essential for for a happy and productive life. Here are some activities that will help you develop self esteem.

Reduce Social Stress by Building Self Esteem

You should start the process of reduction of social stress by building immense self esteem by improving your income as well as ambitions and aspirations. By a proper methodology you should raise yourself in the eyes of self judgment and work towards achievement of such a level of stature as well as all the paraphernalia which brings about such a development.

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Quick & Easy Self Esteem Tests

People should avoid low self esteem forever and should never hesitate in taking credits of their achievements but it is better to be modest. Self esteem is one of the most important part of a happy life as well as a corner stone of a happy relationship.

Sabotage & Self-Worth – How Does ‘Not Loving Yourself’ Play Out in Your World? – Part 2

Part 2 is continuing on from the understanding that the majority of individuals refuse to acknowledge that they do need to improve their self-worth, self-esteem, self-image and self-respect not to even think of the expanded concepts of loving, accepting, blessing, acknowledging and honouring themselves. Developing self-worth and self-love is not just for those with poverty or victim consciousness. Every single human being has a need to improve self-love, self-responsibility and self-empowerment, otherwise there would be no problems in the world – there would be no victims and there would be no perpetrators, there would be no suffering, hardship, punishment and struggling with ‘just enough to survive’.

Sabotage Self-Worth – A Deeper Perspective on ‘Love Your Neighbour Like Yourself’ – Part 1

Many individuals refuse to acknowledge that they have self-esteem or self-worth issues and yet, it is clearly visible when you look at the quality of their life and their daily experiences. They criticise and judge others, they belittle themselves, they disrespect and abuse others, and they self-destruct and self-indulge themselves? They have obsessions and addictions, habits or bad moody behaviours and they complain about their neighbours. When you add this up, these individuals don’t take responsibility for their actions and experiences and are not able look at themselves in the mirror, to love who they are, let alone observe what they are thinking and feeling.

Great SEX For Women – 5 Self Esteem Extras to Improve the Way You Feel About Yourself

A lot of times we look for others to love us before we love ourselves. Love is great, but it first generates from within. We are our worse critic when it comes to perfection. We look at other women and listen to the media and get brain washed as to what we as women should look like.

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