How To Be Happy – THE TRUTH

How To Be Happy - THE TRUTH

The Importance of Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone determines your level of success. If you increase your comfort zone you will feel confident going after any goal. Why is it that when we are called on to speak before a crowd for the first time we get nervous? For some the mere thought of speaking in front of a roomful of people brings about fear to the point of near paralysis.

7 Reasons You Don’t Live Your Best Life

It’s easy to have good intentions. It’s another thing to actually fulfill your intentions and life the live you dreamed of. Take a moment to imagine your perfect day. Plenty of money in your bank account, recognized and appreciated for your career achievements.

Self-Esteem and Economy

Relation between self-esteem and economy. How to survive during hard times. How to build self-esteem during financial crisis. What to do to build your self-esteem.

How to Stop Those Voices in Your Head From Damaging Your Self-Esteem

You control your self-esteem, like it or not. You can choose to surrender control to others but more likely you have surrendered control to the voices in your head. If this sounds familiar to you, it is time to admit that using these voices is just an excuse for you to maintain low self-esteem.

How to Raise Your Profile

People call us whatever we call ourselves. If you call yourself a genius people will call you a genius no matter their reservation to your claims. It is equally true that what we genuinely call ourselves is what we work to live up to. If your have inclination to business and if one day you rise up to call yourself a business person, even if all you do is help people throw away old newspapers, people will begin to call you a business person; and you will begin to act like one.

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25 Things God Says About You

We can beat ourselves up because of missed opportunities or failures and this negative self sabotaging affects our faith, how we pray, and how we respond to present opportunities. I have discovered that God is far more optimistic about me and my future than I ever will be!! So, instead of taking on board all the negative self talk, here is a list of Faith Affirmations to help you build a Godly Self Image.

A New Drug That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence!

Much like the skinny people most of us know who can eat all they want and never gain any weight. Based on that, since we are moving to a new era where almost anything can be taken in the form a pill, a pill to boost your brain power, a pill to win at the Olympics, why not a pill to boost your self-confidence?

5 Ways to Keep Your Self-Confidence in an Insane World!

These teen in order to grow and become successful adults must learn to accept their genetic and the way they are made physically. Thanks God, there are more and more magazines such as Vogue and Glamour featuring models of different size and ethnicity.

The Power of Fear in a Relationship Can Damage Self-Esteem

Fear in a relationship can be the biggest way to damage your self-esteem. A relationship is a significant part of your life. Your relationship will determine how you grow as a person.

Inner Critic – The 4 Year Old Driving Your Car

Life is a journey! It can be a easy free-flowing miraculous journey or it can be a journey of wrong turns, dead ends, crash and burns and arduous uphill routes. Some people are able to move forward in the direction of their dreams; others continue to make wrong turns or get stuck in a rut. If it’s the latter chances are you have a 4-year old planning the route and driving the car.

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Basic Steps to Achieving Self Development

Self development does not always happen overnight and it does require commitment and effort. We can think of self development as a personal strategy in which we systematically alter our attitudes, opinions and beliefs so that they harmonize with the good things that we desire in our lives. Self development is a basic road map in helping you to create and improve your personal excellence that is silently hidden within you.

Here’s a Method That Helps Boost Your Self Esteem

Self confidence is one of the key elements to achieve success, in all areas of life. Many books were written, many methods have already discussed the complicated relationship between the way you feel about yourself and how people will perceive you. One very important element in this equation is also a very simple one: a smile.

Raising Self Esteem After an Emotionally Abusive Relationship – 3 Steps to Success

Self esteem can take a big hit when you are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. This fact makes sense, as it is the goal of the emotional abuser to keep you under control, and feeling worthless, incompetent, and even crazy so you will be less likely to gain the strength to leave the relationship. Here are 3 steps to raise your self esteem after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship.

Four Simple Tips to Build Self-Esteem

The quickest way to build your self esteem is to accept yourself, right now, just the way you are. Once you have done this you are putting you in charge of you own destiny. You have understood that as of now, you can change every moment of your life for the better and for worse, if you so choose anyway. Everything that happens now you know this is your responsibility.

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