How to be Mentally Strong

How to be Mentally Strong

Boosting Self Esteem – How to Talk With Confidence

Lacking self confidence is a life problem and wastes time. Self Esteem is yours to own and build. Taking time out now to become more self aware is an investment into your great future. You will know how difficult it is to know really another person even after many years Even so there will still be unexplored areas of his personality.

Overcoming Shyness – 5 Tips That Take Less Than Two Minutes Each

Overcoming shyness is major problem for huge numbers of people. Here are five quick tips, each designed to take less than 30 seconds to complete, that will help you to overcome shyness.

Woman to Woman 5: The Sensual Mind?

For many women, the concept of sensuality seems a bit foreign or hard to place in a normal everyday life of the “USA Mom” – kids, house, dinner and dishes added to a full time work schedule. I empathize, given that I’ve got a similar lifestyle! It’s important to me to take time to be with my family as “mom” – but I found that doing this to the extreme also cost me the sensual, natural side of my personality that wanted to be “in love” and feel sexy. As a result I felt vaguely empty and unfulfilled…because sensuality begins in the mind. Balance in who and what we are is so very important. To balance the practical and sensual natures, the first step is to acknowledge your own inner needs and desires. Do you know what you want? I promise you that what you focus on, you will attract into your life.

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Confidence And Believing In Yourself

A lack of confidence is caused by the idea that we need something more to be who we are. Yet we already are everything we are meant to be.

Motivation Vs Inspiration

As an executive or a manager, how many of us have given someone a raise in salary in hopes that it would motivate an individual to step up their effort? I was recently approached by a salesperson requesting a raise in their commission levels.

How to Respond to Compliments Without Feeling Awkward

How do you respond when someone compliments you? Can you simply say ‘thank-you’ and feel pleased, or do you feel awkward, blush or run away and hide? (or want to at least!) Perhaps you brush it off or minimise? Here are several tips to help respond to compliments without feeling awkward.

Lumineers Vs Porcelain Veneers – How To Make A Critical Decision

If you’re thinking about corrective procedures for your smile then you need to make sure you’re armed with the correct information to make the best decision for you. Be sure to look at all your options carefully and do your due diligence before making a decision. This will help you keep your expectations in line and having prepared for any and all costs related issues.

How to Repair the Negative Thoughts That Contribute to Your Low Self Esteem

Negative thoughts definitely have their impact on us, not only emotionally and psychologically, but physically. Show me someone with regular stomach pains or other ills and poor health, and I’ll show you someone with low self-esteem. The body-mind and spirit are all related and those negative thoughts perpetuate the less-than-stellar health and positive outlook on life.

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Inferiority Complex – Struggling to Silence the Voice of Negative Self-Talk? Try These 4 Tips

Is your negative self-talk taking over your life like weeds in a once beautiful garden? Is it speaking louder than your positive self-talk? It’s time to silence the voice so the flowers of positive success can bloom and thrive once again in your life. Try these 4 tips to help you turn your negative self-talk into positive productive manifestations in your life – in this article.

Building Your Self Esteem – You Are Worthy!

You ever wonder why we settle for less than what you want out of life? Why is it that we seek so much validation from everyone else? Maybe its because you don’t know your worth. How do you feel about the person you see in the mirror? Want to develop your self esteem; read this article.

Is Shyness Bad? Here’s The Pros And Cons Of Being Shy

Many shy people find it difficult to decide if their shyness is really such a bad thing. Read this article to weight the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Reasons You Feel Guilty

Feeling guilty can make your day drag and make life difficult. The feelings of guilt may or may not have anything to do with something that should cause you remorse. You can even feel guilty when you know you have no reason to feel that way. There are some common reasons why people feel guilty.

The Effects of Low Self Esteem

Most people at some point in their lives will experience self doubt, depression and feelings of low self worth. It matters little how cheerfully disposed a person normally is or how outgoing. A person can have the unconditional support of family and friends and can normally lead a rich and rewarding life.

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Self Esteem – Part 1

Self esteem is how you feel about yourself… what you think about yourself… and who you think you are. The experiences of our lifetime are the major factors that shape our self-esteem. Does that mean that because I had a miserable childhood and a miserable past that my self-esteem is low? While with a majority of folks, the answer would be yes, it is not necessarily so with all folks. Does that mean that I am stuck with the way I feel about myself? The answer is a resounding “NO!”

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