How To Be MORE Articulate

How To Be MORE Articulate

Simple Activities That Promote Self-Esteem Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Success

With all the busyness of life that confronts you on a daily basis, it is important to also make time for including activities that promote self-esteem. How you feel about yourself is crucial to achieving life satisfaction and reaching those goals that you have set in place for yourself.

Confidence Coaching For Teens – Five Magic Keys For Success

Life for many teenagers is often filled with years of zero self-discipline and very little self-confidence. This lack of confidence causes to these young people to run around in circles. They drift aimlessly and always give in to the latest idea suggested by their peers. This is an everyday occurrence and will continue to happen. However, the situation can be remedied by helping the young people to regain their self-confidence.

How to Feel Confident About Your Looks

With mass media reinforcing the importance of looks by presenting handsome actors and magazines displaying the pictures of super slim models you might be asking yourself, how to feel more confident about your looks? One of the major causes for lack of self confidence is the poor body image problem in which the person feels dissatisfied with his body shape or overall looks. Wise people will tell you not to judge a book by its cover but our societies has been raised to give high importance to looks and thus being wise in the middle of non wise men…

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FUN Ways to Build Self Esteem

Your communication style with other people, sets up their whole attitude towards you. It’s much easier for other to feel good about you when you feel good about yourself.

Let Your Internal Flame Light Up Your World and Feel Worthy Again

When we are in a dark mood, we, or someone has turned down our flame. Picture turning the flame up, as you would a lantern, and see what happens. The more light we let shine on the inside the brighter we become. Our radiance, once released, shines further and entrances those around you. It is very similar to a contagious smile. We all want to feel worthy and it hurts when we don’t.

A Fire Pit Exercise to Improve Self-Esteem

Improving self esteem is about getting the correct thoughts running through our head. One way to do that is by removing bad thoughts and tossing them into a fire pit.

Low Self Esteem and Financial Crisis

Low self-esteem can be the hardest thing in the world to repair, because it is so difficult and painful to acknowledge, and the easiest thing to mask. And when we experience a huge crisis, if we are fortunate we get the opportunity to face the truth and do something about it. The whole world has faced a massive crisis – a financial one – and although many believe it is just about money, some think differently.

From Depression to Freedom – How Does Thinking About Yourself Create Blockages in Your Heart Center

What kind of thoughts do you think about yourself? I am unworthy, unlovable. The list goes on. What is happening to you when you think these thoughts?

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Shaking Hands and Social Kissing – Proper Etiquette

These are two basic social graces. Mastering each can give you a feeling of confidence when meeting someone new.

How Positive is Your Self Talk?

Do you sometimes doubt yourself, or secretly diminish your self-worth through negative self-talk? For years, I used to wonder when they were going to find me out…is this you too?

Love Yourself

In this article, the author deals with feelings of self-loathing that come from thinking of oneself as not good enough, worthy enough, acceptable enough, smart enough, and so on. She explains how such feelings sabotage our lives and keep us from being the best we can be. She also suggests a technique for overcoming such feelings and moving forward into freedom.

Know Your Personal Needs to Raise Your Self-Esteem

It is very, very important that you know what your personal needs are. If you don’t know what you need in order to be the wonderful person that you are meant to be, you cannot make sure that you get these needs fulfilled. If you don’t respect your own needs you are telling yourself (and others) that you are not important. Obviously, this will pull your self-esteem down, and your low self-esteem will in turn negatively affect all other parts of your life.

Having the Proper Self Image

There is no blueprint to construct a well balanced self image, hence in the quest we suffer. Narcissism and low self esteem are polar opposites and neither delineates who we truly are. And naturally we are driven to either side of the continuum. Even at that we put all of our weight on our strengths and do not make an effort to work on our weaknesses. So how do we find the balance?

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What If Self-Esteem Was a Verb?

In the same way as we need to do physical exercise in order to be fit, we need to exercise our self-esteem in order to have a high self-esteem. Self-esteem doesn’t come automatically. If self-esteem was a verb, perhaps more people would realise that you need to actively work for it and stop expecting it to come by itself.

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