How to Be Smarter Than People Smarter Than You

How to Be Smarter Than People Smarter Than You

How to Be Self Confident – 14 Tips To Help You Build Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

These days aspirations are set much higher than perhaps they were when our parents grew up and we are encouraged to think that we can achieve anything if we try hard enough….just look at all the talent shows that are around at the moment! The problem is that sometimes we get to thinking that it’s possible to achieve things that we have almost no chance of achieving and that can be very bad for our self confidence and self esteem.

How To Take Care Of Yourself If You Work In A Caring Profession

Working in a caring profession is an important job. But one that exposes you to much abuse. In order to protect yourself. You need to begin to value yourself differently.

Transforming Sob Stories Into Wabi Sabi Stories: The Art of Being Perfectly Imperfect

Wabi Sabi (wah-bee sah-bee) is a Japanese concept of life and art in which beauty is found in things that are weathered, asymmetrical, incomplete, imperfect and impermanent. As I age, my body is becoming all of the above and, therefore, Wabi Sabi has become my new kemo sahbee (faithful friend). I’m learning to see myself as a work of art, not in spite of my flaws, but BECAUSE of them. What a concept!

Signs of Low Self Esteem To Look Out For

Self-esteem is one of the hot topics of our time. We hear that it is somehow pathological to have low self-esteem, yet we aren’t told how to have authentic self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is cultivated when you have the right attitude about yourself. So the “good news” about low self-esteem is that you can change your attitude, perspective about the self and begin to elevate your sense of inner worth.

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How Self-Esteem Impacts On Your Confidence

Your confidence is profoundly affected by your self-belief which has a major impact on how you live your life. If you think that you lack the ability to resolve issues or situations, you may quickly lose your motivation and quit. However, a person who thinks they can and has a self-belief in their ability will often outperform others. The positive self-belief is what makes the difference.

Image Consulting To Boost Your Self Confidence

Hiring an image consultant helps you achieve high levels of confidence to motivate you for more success in life. Read on to find out how.

What Is A Healthy Body Image and Weight?

Many of us are not happy with our bodies in some way. But when it comes to our bodies, the most important thing we can do is cultivate a healthy body image and a healthy overall body weight.

Building A Robust Belief In Oneself

Unavoidably in everyday life, we’ll encounter disapproval or perhaps rejection coming from other people. It may be a relative, good friend, employer, or possibly a complete stranger. They may disagree with the manner by which we are living our lives, the actual choices we make for, and even who we are. Some may ridicule our own aspirations, criticize each of our ambitions, or even pass painful remarks which show a minimal impression of us.

Building Self Esteem With Guidance

Would you believe that life crisis are created from how we typically build self esteem? Most of us think that by accomplishing goals it helps build self worth. But, when calamity happens and we lose what we’ve accomplished life crisis is the result and what little self esteem we’ve built is out the window. Building self esteem the right way with guidance promotes you liking you with or without your accomplishments.

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The 3 Steps to Self Empowerment

Everyday you are given messages about how to live your life. Some call it intuition others gut instinct… different names, same meaning. These messages come in many forms and many guises.

The Power of Loving Yourself to Enjoy Your Life Daily

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well- Psalm 139:14. Loving yourself stems from your understanding of how careful God was in making you. Nothing about your make-up is a mistake, everything is geared towards enabling you fulfil your destiny. When you love yourself, you will enjoy your life daily.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem

The ultimate way to transform your life and also earn the admiration of other people would be to enhance your self-esteem. This isn’t a really difficult task. The only thing that it requires is great guidance.

The True Secret to Self-Esteem

Self-esteem, just like happiness, is really a way of thinking. It is able to cause you to feel content, happy and also self-confident. It may also cause you to feel useless, undesirable and even fragile. Self-esteem could best be compared to a strong battery pack. If the battery pack has been fully charged, the person comes across as being self-confident and ready to go; once the battery pack is actually run down the person can feel very low and even wants to hide.

Self-Esteem – Know And Trust In Your Abilities

The title says it all, really. Know and trust in your abilities. But that’s easily said. Let’s drop into the trenches and fight this enemy that’s been plaguing you, I’m sure for far too long. One of the way of telling if someone has low self esteem is if they keep saying ‘sorry.’

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