How to Become an Effective Sales Manager in 3 Simple Steps | Brian Tracy

How to Become an Effective Sales Manager in 3 Simple Steps | Brian Tracy

My Life Sucks – Can It Be All In My Head?

Nothing is going right. I don’t even have enough money to pay attention. Me and my mate keep fighting and my kids are driving me crazy. My job is totally unfulfilling, I hate it!

Ten Words To Help Your Self Esteem

Acquiring self-esteem isn’t easy. Most of us can start out with good intentions but then lose our way. We need simple guidelines, a catechism or a simple mantra show the way or give us something to fall back during hard times. To this end, I have put together ten steps that may help you gain the self-esteem you want so much.

How to Have Great Self Confidence for a Lifetime

In the modern world, you have to know how to have great self confidence, put yourself on the spotlight, and astound the world with your presence if you want to attain massive success.

Secrets Of Building Self Confidence – Achieving A Small Enough Goal And See Your Confidence Grow

Few people truly succeed in life. A vast majority of people are withdrawn and shy – they don’t have many friends, as they are unable to interact meaningfully with people outside of their inner-circle. Boys don’t find dates easily and girls fail to impress, all because of their lack of self-confidence. Can you tolerate a speaker whose utterances do not carry conviction? Timid speakers don’t captivate their audiences. They can’t be persuasive. In short, their speeches don’t have the necessary pep and spirit to be exciting and end up falling flat. Timid people continue through life somehow, but as they don’t stand up to be counted, success is something they only dream about. Why not go for it? A lack of self-confidence is what keeps most from being assertive, successful and ultimately happy in life. However, if you can recognize that you lack the self-confidence you want, you can work on building it up and making your dreams of success a reality.

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How To Have Great Self Confidence

Most people today want to know how to have great self confidence, and I honestly believe that having great self confidence may be the most important thing you can develop in your lifetime. It affects all areas of our lives whether consciously or subconsciously, you may decide not to go that party because you are not confident enough and miss the chance to meet your perfect partner, you may miss a promotion because you do not have faith in yourself.


We all say that people change over time, we crib about it, curse our luck and curse the associated people, why … just for a changed attitude?

Say No, Without Guilt-Four Tips

All too often you might say yes to something you wish you had said, No. Setting boundaries is an important aspect of managing your time, energy and peace of mind. You have a finite amount of time and energy, if you do not protect it, no one else will. This article presents four strategies to make saying no easier.

Confidence – Dealing With and Creating Self Confidence

Our society is in some ways becoming increasingly isolated and individualised, leading to less worthwhile personal connectivity between us humans. In some cases this is not always a bad thing; however the decreased amount of human interaction could be a potential problem over time. It is my opinion that we are already seeing the effects of this in the west.

Death by Label

Achieving freedom by dumping the garbage of life-inhibiting labels and understanding why they got stuck on us in the first place.

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Self-Respect – Six Examples of How Learning to Respect Yourself Attracts Respect From Others

Too many people expect to be respected by others when they don’t act respectfully. Once you learn to respect yourself, you will attract respect from others. Here are some guidelines about self-respect.

Midlife Crisis – Just For Men?

Once in a person’s life there will most certainly come a time when they will stop and reflect on themselves. They will question every decision that has ever been made and trace back steps that put them where they are today. That is the exact moment when realization sets in and either regrets will take over,or sheer happiness will abound that, by the Grace of God, they are where they want to be.

5 Tips For Super Self Confidence

What is it that gives some people a vast reservoir of self confidence, and others such a crushing lack of it? It is almost like there is only a finite amount and when one person increases their self confidence then it drains it from someone else.

Have You Let Someone Else’s Comments Control Your Life?

Do you constantly doubt your own capability? There are many people who do and the amazing thing is that your problem may be caused by a passing comment spoken years ago by a friend or family member. This comment may have stayed with you and become embedded in your subconscious to affect you for years to come.

Confidence is Not an “Illness” – It is a Side Effect

Many people will tell you that confidence can be gained through quick fixes. Others will advise you to become confident by acting confident. However, lack of confidence is a real issue that requires real solutions, like all other real challenges. These real solutions require work and perseverance, but the efforts are surely worth the potential results and the benefits of gaining real confidence.

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