How to Become Obsessed with Your Goals & Demolish All Your Excuses

How to Become Obsessed with Your Goals & Demolish All Your Excuses

Unselfconscious Affluence

Do you have a blockage that’s keeping you from an affluent mindset? See how a self-consciousness towards affluence can hold you back.

How To Get Self Confidence?

As we go through life, we face different situations and problems that make us doubt of our selfs and sometimes we get really down, when things just go wrong despite our efforts. Is in those moments that we need to reinforce and get self confidence to keep moving forward and project the a self image of a winner.

Building Character in Kids – One Self-Esteem Mistake and Three Solutions

Are your children self-centered? Are you worried that their self-esteem is on the wrong track? Inside you’ll learn 3 parenting tips for increasing this and decreasing selfishness.

Independence – Creates Self Confidence

Independence and self-confidence will positively affect all aspects of your life. Your confident feelings will also prompt you to think about ways you can separate yourself from the ordinary; the mundane and thus express your individuality more.

Shyness and Self-Esteem – Does it Matter if You Are Introvert or Extrovert?

It’s hard to imagine an extrovert as being shy, but it can happen. Given a new situation and people, they are often a bit shy, until they warm up to the new scenario. Shyness should not be confused with introversion or extroversion. Actually, introverts and extroverts both can be shy. In addition, keep in mind that all introverts aren’t necessarily shy either; they are simply not comfortable being the life of the party.

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Being Shy Affects Your Self-Esteem – Are You Shy?

The shy person can actually handicap themselves with negative thoughts and wind up using their shyness as a crutch and an excuse for not pursuing more social occasions, “I can’t handle these kinds of situations because I’m so shy.” Of course the more they tell themselves things like this, the harder it becomes to socialize, make friends, and establish relationships, both personal and professional. It becomes a self-defeating behavior.

Are You Out to Prove Something to Someone, The World or Yourself – Don’t Bother

You see, proving yourself to a group perhaps is of value to you, but, in reality if someone cannot see your value, then you might make faulty errors in decisions if you are basing your actions on what people think of you. In reality, unless you are running for office, then you will find that making decisions based on what people may or may not think will lead you to seek approval in all your endeavors, rather than success at the endeavors you choose.

Shyness and Self-Esteem

Fifty percent of the population in the USA say they suffer shyness, and eighty-nine percent of these shy people say they’ve been shy all their lives. Only eleven percent, of the population says they’ve never been shy. The good news is that seventy-eight percent of these shy people believe they can overcome their shyness and improve their self-esteem.

Self Esteem

Today I want to talk about a subject we all must deal with, “Self Esteem”! It’s not always happy or gives us a sense of excitement, it is usually an uncomfortable subject. Let’s take it on anyway!

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Having Trouble Meeting A Decent Partner? Your Self Esteem Might Be The Problem

Are you having trouble meeting a partner? Do you go out week after week, looking for Mr or Ms Right but come home disappointed because yet again, the perfect partner was nowhere to be found?

Great Body – Pity About the Rest

Having spent twenty five years owning and running gyms and helping people create their best body has taught me many (many, many) lessons and reinforced many pre-existing beliefs. Lessons that some people desperately need to learn.

Out Of The Wound Comes The Gift – Forgiveness Opens The Door To Creative Intelligence

Deep within, like a silent reflecting pool of stillness, I find that Essence. Forgiveness accesses that Essence. I want to forgive. Forgive myself for not knowing how to forgive. Forgiveness has set me free.

Own Your Inner Power

When we truly own our inner power we operate from our truth, bigness and self-esteem. We attract and manifest wonders into our lives. Are you owning your power? Here’s how to step into owning your power now.

Love You – The Best Gift To Yourself!

When you love yourself, you don’t feel the need to hurt another. People who are unkind do not love themselves. That is a bold, declarative statement, but it is true. Try love yourself and be hurtful to someone else at the same time.

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