How To Become Successful – What I Learned From A 16 Year Old Kid

How To Become Successful - What I Learned From A 16 Year Old Kid

Gaining Confidence – 2 Things That Limit Self Acceptance

A number of things can impact our ability to accept ourselves. This article looks at two in particular: our tendency to think too little of ourselves; and fear of people.

Self Esteem and Confidence in a Musical Context

Long term life planning is a journey that requires a degree of both self-confidence and self-esteem. If you don’t think that you can do it then you are never even going to buy your ticket. The good news from the ticket office is that confidence and esteem can be learned and practiced, just like maths, but more easily.

Self Esteem Begins With You

When we are born into this earth/time continuum, we have a purpose and we have a Personal Guidance System (PGS) to help us to remember and achieve this purpose. Then we are distracted by the needs and wants of others. It is important that you realign with your soul’s purpose.

Who I Am is Not What I Look Like!

Living at almost 400lbs made me appreciate who I was. I was vibrant at any size. How do we get past our insecurities and learn to see our true self?

Strategies For Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety

Shyness and social anxiety differ and yet are similar. For example shyness is most likely to happen during unknown situations, but in very bad cases it may stop a person functioning properly in his/her familiar situations and relations as well. The undeniable fact is shy people tend to avoid the objects of their dread in order to keep them from feeling uncomfortable and incompetent.

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Facial Blushing – Caused by Social Anxiety

Facial Blushing is a curse for everyone who suffers from it. Although some suggest medication and even surgery, the cause is usually rooted in Social Anxiety. What is Social Anxiety and how can we cure Facial Blushing?

Breaking the Chains of Low Self Esteem

Breaking the chain of low self esteem will never be achieved while holding on to these feelings, they are the key that turns the lock and it will be out of your reach until you change your attitude. You may feel you have every right to be angry, every right to feel resentful and feel the frustration of the ‘real’ life you are living but as long as you hold on to them you will never escape.

Self Esteem Games

Self esteem games are highly effective because they provide an enjoyable experience for those who play them. Unlike personalized coaching sessions and motivational seminars, self esteem games allow its participants to loosen up and have fun!

Overcoming Low Self Esteem – You Are Unique

Are you comparing yourselves with others too much? Do you have the habit of criticizing yourself for no good reason? You must realize that you are a unique human being and you have innate positive qualities that cannot be compared to anyone else. You must also realize that all people are not created perfect. It is true that you have flaws, but everyone has flaws and faults as well.

The Two Factors and the Two Metaphorical Towers You Have to Pass Before You Make It
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I will cut to the chase in the teaser and beginning of this article: Self esteem and self growth are the two “guard towers” of life before you “make it” and I will define my definition of both so that there is no confusion. Self esteem is your ability to take good, positive, honestly workable action without feeling guilty or fearful. Self growth is the result of that type of self esteem. When you positively grow, you have more self esteem and they work as the two tandem guard towers that work together to keep you back or let you through to the next level.

School – Campus, With Trials and Hardships Every Day – But, How Do You Handle It?

Think if you had a style you could fall back on for every type of situation that came your way. The clothes you wear would be a consistent reminder of how to behave. Just keep in mind that no matter how popular you get, popularity is quite useless in the adult world.

Great Ways to Build Confidence

To build confidence is learning to reprogramme your inner thoughts in an entirely new way. A lack of self confidence is something that many people suffer from. If you do have a lack of confidence it can and most probably will affect your day to day life in a big way, just something as simple as holding a general conversation with someone can seem a daunting task.

Self Esteem From a Child’s Point of View

The idea of quality time has been much talked about, but not many children can explain their idea of “quality.” It’s easier than you think and doesn’t cost a thing. Open this before Christmas.

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The Hurdle of Improving Self Esteem and How to Overcome It

Overcoming and improving self esteem can be a very big hurdle to get over for some people, but fear not. It can be done and you CAN be that confident person that will allow yourself to do all those things that you stop yourself doing on a daily basis just because you don’t feel confident enough to do them.

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