5 Tips to Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem is the magic ingredient to living the happiest life you can ever imagine! This time, learn simple techniques for building your self esteem and overcoming low self esteem.

Childhood Emotional Abuse – How the Abuser Makes Us Believe the Lies

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the many types of childhood emotional abuse and looked at its similarities to PTSD. Those who inflict emotional abuse often do so in vague terms, with messages such as “You’re hopeless,” “You were an accident,” “You’ll never amount to anything,” “I’m ashamed of you,” “I wish (someone else) were my kid,” and so on. But sometimes an abuser can make the victim believe something about him- or herself that is sharply in contrast with reality. Negative messages backed by authoritative source, intensity, and repetition are extremely powerful in their ability to block a person from fulfilling his or her potential later in life. Yet victims of childhood emotional abuse can learn how to make a conscious decision not to believe those negative messages.

Female Body Image – Your Body is Your Temple

Knowing your body is the first step to loving and having adoration for it. You may hide your body, advertise it, lambaste it or love it. When you know it you have awakened your understanding of it’s ability to give and receive great pleasure.

Boldness is Its Own Reward

When you read the article title, does it rev you up or make you want to crawl back under the covers? Let’s look at what it means and go from there.

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Always Be Willing to Walk Away

When you approach a woman, like when making a sale, you always have to be willing to walk away. When you lose the willingness to walk away you also lose control of the situation. You’ll also appear desperate, which is definitely not alluring.

Confidence Tips in a Demoralising World

The world is looking pretty gloomy in all respects and while this is not something that has been a non pattern for the past few thousand years, it has hit a sharp curve in the graph of ‘gloomy dispositions’. For one thing, the world economy has gone down the toilet and a lot of us have been affected by this. Spending has gone down, people have lost their jobs and companies are threatening worst times in the horizon.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem in 3 Simple Steps

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself out of the situation of being confused and battered in your life and to do this, you need to take a step back and take stock of the situation that is your life. More than likely, your life is a mess, and it is a mess because you have allowed yourself to slip in and out of disastrous situations and let yourself come upon wall upon wall of negativity. You need to take a deep breath and meditate. Remember that thing in your chest you call your heart? When was the last time you have listened to it? What needs to be done is you need to internalise yourself and calm yourself down. Listen to the rhythm of your heart and slow it down a minute and take a pause. Look at your life from a top down perspective and from there, you can identify what has been going wrong with your life.

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Self Esteem Help is Right at Your Doorstep

What this statement means is that the tools to rebuild your self esteem is actually within us. We have the faculties needed to put back the light in the dark within us, and make us the confident and elated person that we were always were in the first place. There are many things we can talk about to say what causes low self esteem, and this phenomenon can be traced all the way back to when we were children and the things that we were exposed to and the things that we were told by the people around us.

Confidence Building Courses For a Bigger, Better You

Confidence is one of the most important ingredients in success, because it allows you to dare to dream, dare to approach a situation and dare to do the things that would make a lesser person turn around in fear of failure or rejection. Of course, there are different levels of confidence amongst the billions of people in this world and there are a whole load of factors that contribute to this. The genetic make up of the human being for one, is one of the factors that leads to the development of confidence within us all.

How to Get Confidence Back Into Your Life

People lose confidence everyday, and when they come up against adversity; that is the time when their character is truly tested. Some of us might thrive and some of us might falter, it is how we tackle the situation and ourselves in our mind first and fore most that decides if we come out of a situation with our head held up high or low on the ground. Confidence is the secret to bravery, and there is nothing that can compare to having self-confidence in our own abilities. It is the difference that makes for a good result.

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How Do You Deal With a Bully – 3 Steps to Help You Out

How do you deal with a bully? Bullies have been around forever and are never going to go away. The only thing people can do about them is to deal with them. So I’m going to give you three ways that will help you live a little easier.

How to Boost Your Self Confidence, Even If You’re Feeling Awkward

Self confidence is something you need to build because for some people it certainly does not come naturally. There are a number of ways you can go about building self confidence.

Tips For Short Men to Look More Confident

Many short men are to insecure or not confident around women, especially taller women. If you are a short men here are a few tips for you to have success with women: 1) Learn to look confident. Feeling confident and look confident are two different things.

Playing it Small

This article describes how playing it small in life, doesn’t serve anyone. In fact, it causes you to be treated with disrespect by the people you are trying to please. On the other hand, when you do your best, you can inspire others to do the same.

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