How To Bend Reality (Like Actually)

How To Bend Reality (Like Actually)

Is Negative Self Talk Getting You Down? Stop Low Self Esteem in Its Tracks

Do you get down on yourself so often that you feel depressed or weighed down by your negative thoughts? Have you lost the self confidence you once had? It may be helpful to know that you’re not alone. Many people have an internal dialogue that fuels negative thoughts and hinders their happiness. But there is hope in finding true happiness through all that negative thinking. This article offers practical advice on how to find success through a positive mental attitude and by focusing your attention in exactly the right place.

The Key to High Self Esteem is a Big Back End

I was working with my mentor earlier today and I had a light bulb moment, the key to high self-esteem is a big back end. My mentor had explained to me that there are only three ways to grow a business. Get more leads in, getting a better conversion on your leads and increase the average spend per client.

Confidence Boosters For a Quick State Change

When you’re feeling down, what specific things do you do to get inspired to move forward with power? Is there a process you go through to gain your confidence? This article on confidence boosters will give you some simple exercises to use to increase your confidence quickly.

How to Gain More Confidence

In this tough economy, it may be difficult to hope for a brighter future. With layoffs and employers closing up shop, it’s hard to believe in a brighter day. When things seem the bleakest, we must remain strong. We must believe that a brighter day is coming. We must believe that it’s possible to find the opportunity hidden in this epidemic. Learning how to gain more confidence so we can take advantage of opportunities is possible for us.

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If You Want to Know How to Beat Shyness, Ask a Formerly Shy Person

If you want to know how to beat shyness, ask a formerly shy person. Many people are quite shy. There are also many people who have overcome their shyness.

Improving Self Confidence – Tips to Help You Succeed in Today’s World

Improving self confidence is crucial in these uncertain times. Everything on the news spells doom and gloom. Companies are closing their doors. Friends and family are losing their homes. Is there anything that can help you make a permanent and lasting change in your life? Yes! You need to improve your self confidence. As your confidence improves, you will see opportunities that you hadn’t noticed before. Those opportunities will help you create a more stable future for yourself.

How to Get Rid of a Deflated Ego

We all go through phases of self-pity, especially when we don’t realize our goals or if our frustrations get in the way of us leading meaningful and complete lives. Egos need to be stroked every now and then so that we can feel special and needed. A deflated ego can get in the way of us getting back on our feet, look forward to what the future holds, and live life with a positive outlook. Here are some ways to get rid of a deflated ego and restore self-confidence.

Perfectionism and Low Self-Esteem

I used to be a perfectionist. I used to have low self-esteem. I would spend hours working long days just to get everything right. I would make sure every angle or possibility was covered off before deciding upon the 100% correct solution. I felt like I was working a lot harder than anyone else in the team and was the most unhappiness person in the office.

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Self-Doubt Does Not Have to Win

Some many of us, especially women, battle feelings of self-doubt every day. When we are unhappy with ourselves, the result is often depression and even consequences to our physical health. How can people break free from inner conflict and instead experience a sense of positive energy and love? What are the first steps towards a happier life that anyone can take, regardless of the personal place in which each person currently finds herself?

How to Build Self Confidence When You’re So Down You Can’t Even Look Up

Building self confidence is the basis of any kind of positive achievement. I don’t know what your particular situation is, but I believe there is hope for you. Building your self confidence is like building a house. This article will walk you through the building process of self confidence.

How is Self-Esteem Built and How Does it Relate to Anxiety?

Self-esteem develops throughout our lives. It is linked to an image we create of ourselves. This is based on our experiences with people. However, not only with people, but also with our activities. To start with, activities we carried out during our childhood, play an important role in the shaping of our self-esteem.

Flying When They Smile, Crushed When They Sneer at You

Have you ever felt really great because someone smiled at you or gave you a compliment? Well, most of us have felt our states changed by this. Sadly, the same is true in reverse. Most of us have experienced feeling devastated or crushed when someone sneered at us or criticized us. How would you like to learn to generate most of your great feelings from inside of yourself so you are less vulnerable and much more confident.

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Is Your Status Holding You Down?

It may prove difficult maintaining the same level of status over a whole lifetime. When people start worrying about status, losing it or having it taken away, they hold on to it from fear of falling to a lower level of respect and dignity. This anxiety can also be caused by elements such as, recession, redundancy, promotion, retirement, unemployment, and by what other people think and say about you. Status may not be a solid element able to be examined under a microscope, but it is as real as gravity, you cannot see it but you know it is there.

Tips For Feeling Like a Sexy Mom

Moms tend to put their needs and desires behind everyone else’s. They have a pretty packed schedule that looks something like this. They feed the kids, dress the kids, do the laundry, cook dinner, pick the kids up, do the dishes, and get the kids ready for bed. When is there time to take care of yourself?

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