How to Conquer Overthinking in 4 Easy Steps

How to Conquer Overthinking in 4 Easy Steps

Beat Low Self Esteem – Know Where Low Self Esteem Came From Before You Start Beating It

You can’t hit what you can’t see. That old age advice make a lot of sense in the context of beating low self esteem. Getting to bottom of low self esteem, and see the whole issue behind it allows you to beat low self esteem right where you want it.

Tips for Overcoming Shyness

Shyness is not something that you have to tolerate all of your life. You can overcome shyness. You just need to acquire specific time-tested social skills. Do so and you will most certainly overcome shyness and leave bashfulness behind forever.

Acknowledge Yourself

We live in a society that constantly rewards doing more. Many of us are running on adrenalin. We do a lot, but we often feel we are not doing enough or being enough.

Be Easy On Yourself

We are surrounded by messages telling us how to improve our lives – what to do to make life stress-free and easier as we deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of raising children, holding a job, and having a social life. While I appreciate the intent behind these messages and have learned a few tips myself over the years, I sometimes wonder whether we are missing the essence of these messages.

Tips to Build Self-Esteem and Confidence Through Song

Learning to play the guitar has always been a passion of mine. Not to play in a band, or travel through bars making money, but instead I wanted to learn to be able to play songs around my friends, and to impress girls.

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Rise Above Comparing Yourself To Others

Do you base your happiness on how you stack up against a neighbor, a coworker, a sibling, a friend or a celebrity? It is easy to think that if you had her body, her house, her knowledge, her husband, her job, her beauty, her intelligence, her personality or her money, that you’d be happy. But, that kind of thinking is a trap!

How To Detect Low Self Esteem In Your Child

Self esteem in children is very important. If the issue is neglected, the child personalities when grown up will be affected. There are few things parents should observe from their children to determine the self esteem of their children.

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Most of the tactics we use for improving our self esteem only work in the short term and are often self-defeating, making us feel worse but keeping us hooked. This article discusses some longer term strategies for helping you feel good about yourself.

Baby Steps In Standing Up for Yourself

Feelings are often hurt by the incidental words and deeds of others. These may go on and on simply because you do not know how to stand up for yourself in a non-threatening way. This article provides tips on how to do that to build self-confidence and personal strength.

The Muffin-Top Pioneer

It’s the late seventies. I’m thirteen years old. I’m a tank. Gorgeous, but a tank. I weigh the best part of 90 kilos (200lbs) and it’s school swimming sports day. Yippee. I’d rather hit myself in the head with a hammer, but here I am. I don’t want to swim but I have no option; it’s compulsory. Private school rules. Everyone is put into a swimming section. Everyone races. I am in the remedial section; the home of the geek, the uncoordinated and the fat.

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5 Steps to Destroy Fear and Build Confidence in Your Life

Destroy your fear and build self confidence: Here are 5 practices anyone can put into their life to. Confident already, you’ll find it worth while to review these simple techniques.

Extreme Shyness – What Causes It?

Extreme shyness can cause you to be your own worst enemy when it comes to self-esteem. You have a tendency to relive any failures and/or rejections, to continue to remind yourself with each new experience. Your self-talk could probably use an adjustment, because any time you beat yourself up over a failure, or tell yourself you’ll never be able to handle it or change things, or give in to a pity party, you’re setting yourself back once again.

Extreme Shyness – How it Affects Your Self-Esteem

Extreme shyness causes you to have difficulty making conversation and become very nervous when you feel you have to be friendly with strangers; you simply do not know what to say. As a direct result your self-esteem suffers badly.

How Can You Know Yourself?

You can set down and self-evaluate yourself, but your examination would be bias and would never be true in the eyes of someone else. Their examination of you would always be tainted by their own self serving eccentrics. You can only make a determination of how you are going to accept or reject any particular person or thing, but not why you made the assessment.

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