How To DOUBLE Your Productivity

How To DOUBLE Your Productivity

Why Do We Resist Change?

Doing what we “should” comes naturally – it is an innate skill. We consistently distinguish what we want and what we like.

How to Improve Your Confidence With EFT – 3 Top Tips

Is something holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you want to do something but can’t?

Lack of Confidence

Many of us in our teenage years suffer from a lack of confidence. Obviously as a teenager you know it all and can do anything you choose until the girl of your dreams walks into the bar where you are having a drink and this changes you into a gibbering wreck.

Single Women in Mid-Life and Their Self-Esteem

This article discusses the crisis women in mid-life suffer. They begin to loose their youthfulness and oftentimes loose their confidence and even their self-esteem.

Self-Confidence is the New Drug of Choice

Have you ever experienced true self-confidence? True self-confidence is a place of being.

Several Tips to Increase Your Self Esteem

The first thing you need to know to increase this good feeling is developing your ability to accept criticism about yourself. If you get criticism, you do not need to consider it as a bad thing because it could help you to be more brave in facing your world.

Be Who You Are and Self Esteem Will Follow

Too often we judge ourselves harshly. This is the source of our low self esteem or poor self concept. This is the reason we don’t have confidence. But, what if we thought we were wonderful? We will explain how to get that feeling.

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How to Body-Swap Yourself a Fabulous New Body

I like a good ‘body-swap’ film. That’s where two people exchange minds and end up in each other’s bodies like in the films Vice Versa, Big and Freaky Friday. Another angle on this concept was explored in Heaven can Wait, where Joe, a sportsman in his prime, died prematurely and was sent back to earth, but ended up in a different body.

Self Confidence – How to Increase it Instantly

Learn how to start to boost your self-confidence with these easy to apply tips. Some useful suggestions to kick start your self improvement.

6 Steps to Living With Confidence During Uncertain, Challenging, and Tough Times

The topic of confidence has come up a great deal these days as I interact with clients, colleagues, friends and family. The prolonged recession has just whittled away at the confidence of our organizations and individuals. It seems as though most people are living with tremendous fear and anxiety while most of the rest are just trying to fake their way through this challenging period. There is a small portion of people really living with confidence during these uncertain, challenging, and tough times.

How to Improve Confidence – Five Essential Tips

One of the most common weaknesses in people and their lack of faith in themselves is a lack of self confidence. With the notion of autosuggestion this can be overcome. Auto suggestion can be applied through the process mentioned, of writing positive thoughts down and the repetition and affirmation of these thoughts until they are part of the subconscious mind.

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Negative Self Talk and Self Esteem

I really find it ironic how the majority of us, especially when it comes to our kids or our family, will not stand for any backtalk. (Or, as we say in the South, a sassy mouth!) But at the same time, we have a continuous stream of backtalk going through our thoughts.

Improving Self Esteem – 7 Important Tips to Set You on Your Way to Happiness

Try the 10 minute system. Sufferers of low self esteem often fail to give themselves enough time to relax, “I’ve not done what I intended to achieve today so I don’t deserve to stop”, – Sound Familiar? Give yourself a break, take a few minutes each day to just sit and be you.

Personal Accountability For a Healthy Self Esteem

The day I decided to take personal responsibility for everything in my life, my self-esteem got a little boost. It also help me realize that I could improve my life. You can do it too.

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