How to Establish Credibility in a Speech | Brian Tracy

How to Establish Credibility in a Speech | Brian Tracy

Building Self Esteem–Doing it Right

There are two methods for one to build self esteem:
1. from his/her accomplishments, who he/she knows, what he/she does, financial success…
2. from self.
Buildiing self esteem from self insulates one from tragedies of life as they happen whereas when self esteem is from other sources, life crisises can destroy self esteem.

Building Self Esteem From Self

There are two methods to build self esteem: 1. from your accomplishments, who you know, what you do, your financial success… 2. from self. Building self esteem from self insulates you from tragedies of life whereas when self esteem is from other sources, the crisises of life can destroy self esteem.

How to Strut Your Spots With Pride

I invite you to consider the Eastern or Red-spotted Newt. Right now, they are in steady migration from the woods on one side of our driveway to the other side and down the hill to Beard Brook. They are determined critters, you can turn them any which way and they will still manage to right themselves in the correct direction, navigating any obstacle whether it be rock, piles of leaves, or other vegetation. They are on a mission to live out the full definition of their lives.

Better than Emma Peel?

Recently, I forced my husband to sit through the three versions and several Netflix disks of “The Avengers” TV series from the 1960s. Patrick McNee played John Steed, an uppity-snuppity British spy; in every episode he was outfitted in tweed and bowler with umbrella in hand (often wielded as weapon). At ages 7-9, it was Emma Peel that struck my fancy. She was glamorous and strong, clever and smart, and ever ready for the next adventure or risk. She had a witty remark for every situation. I wanted to be ready for anything like her. I actually wanted to be her. Now that I am at the mid-point of my life, I laugh a bit at my early infatuation.

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How is Self Esteem Built Up or Destroyed?

How to build your self esteem.

A Friend To Oneself – A Prerequisite of Survival

We have a spiritual and a natural side of us, we must remain strong and one way to do that is not to always depend on someone else, depend on God. That friend or person may not always at that instance be able to be there for us. Set your own alarm clock and not merely depend on a natural person to awaken you for work or a function or activity. (In the Spiritual, God is the only one that really awakens us).

The Man/Woman In The Mirror

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Perhaps more importantly, what do you feel? The answer to this question ‘how do you feel about yourself?’ is the essence of your emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and social development.

Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence is an important part of any person’s life, and it means becoming a generally stronger and more mature person. There are many reasons someone might want to build self confidence, such as wanting to shake that timid feeling, or perhaps just to be a generally better person and feel more capable of one.

Appreciate Me!

The more you express your honest appreciation to others, the more they will begin to see the value in you.

Stop Trying To Be Perfect!

If you want to talk about a limiting perspective on life that can take you out of the game faster than anything, it is what I call the “perfectionist frame.” The feeling or belief that whatever you are doing or working on has to be nothing less than perfect or it is unacceptable.

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Six Pillar Of Self Esteem – Learn The 3 Levels Of Self Acceptance As A Valuable Human Being

Self Acceptance is one of the fundamentals of the six pillars of self esteem. Without self acceptance, self esteem is impossible. With self acceptance you can be a fulfilled and happy human being capable of personal growth and development. There are three levels of self acceptance. Understanding them will help you to find the areas you need to work on to raise your self acceptance and ultimately your self esteem.

The Only Way To Feel Worthy

We often confuse self-worth with self-esteem. Here’s how to tell the difference. Now you can feel all the self-worth you want.

Your Inner Voice

Deep within us lies a “voice” our own voice, which has been created based on our past experiences, even the experiences we think we have forgotten about, or we don’t think about on a daily basis are buried deep within us. This inner voice that constantly speaks within you will be repeating those original events and messages to you daily.

5 Secrets to Magnetic Self Confidence

Who hasn’t been in the situation where a complete stranger walks into a room full of people and within seconds all eyes were on him or her and conversation has all but halted? And as soon as this person opens their mouth and utters the first words, the fascination reaches a fever-pitch and a palpable sense of magnetism exists between this person and others in the room. You can be this way too. Here are 5 tips to help.

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