How to Fall Asleep Quickly and Wake Up Ready to Be Productive

How to Fall Asleep Quickly and Wake Up Ready to Be Productive

Self Esteem – Are You Spending Too Much Time Pumping Up the Egos of Kids in the Sciences?

It is good to see the outreach program at NASA, and at all the colleges to get kids interested in math and science early on. The science fair projects are fun for kids, and yes, I do recall as a kid I enjoyed them myself decades ago. However, I also note that many of those science fair projects weren’t worth much, there were no original thoughts, and just a bunch of borrowed stuff, as the professors and teachers attempted to teach the kids the scientific method of collecting research and data, within the confines of those types of endeavors.

Ways to Earn Respect

There are people who are surrounded by such people who show disgrace and no respect to such a person who may be suffering low esteem and with that fact literally destroys a person who deserves to like a happy, independent and a life where he can earn social recognition. To earn this there are a few step to be followed…

Looking for a Way to Boost Your Confidence? Try This!

Often you can tell someone is lacking in confidence just by their posture or how they walk. Sometimes you can hear it in their voice or see it in their facial expression. It is even possible to feel their insecurity in the way they shake your hand.

Who’s Sorry Now? Women, Men, Apologizing and Confidence
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When did you last apologize? This morning? Last week? August 2009? Can’t remember? According to recently published research conducted at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, if you’re female, then you probably apologized before your second cup of coffee but, if you’re male, then maybe August 2009 isn’t unrealistic. Yes, women still apologize more frequently than men but not for the reasons you think.

Filling The Feeling

Jealousy allows you to realize what you are missing within. Not in order to mock you, but in order to allow you to see the void. The void must be filled. To become jealous and destroy or take away what the other person has which you are jealous of does not mean you will be filled. That void is still there and will always be there unless it is filled.

Vision Boards – Understanding Vision Boards

Whether you call it vision board, dream board, reality board or whatever name you have for it, vision boards have become very popular. But the question is, “Do you know why vision boards are used – what’s their purpose, how effective they are and how to make them work for you?”

Your Self-Esteem Is Your Responsibility

It is true that your self-esteem is shaped by how parents, teachers, peers and others treat us during our upbringing, but you cannot blame these people if you have a low self-esteem now. When you blame others you dis-empower yourself. If you dis-empower yourself you will never raise your self-esteem although you CAN raise it if you take full personal responsibility.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety

If you decide to begin overcoming shyness and social anxiety you will want to avoid these three mistakes. These mistake are why so many people fail when trying to get past their problem. It is possible to make shyness and social anxiety a thing of the past, but you have to know what to avoid.

What Happens When You Blame Others?

Let’s think about what happens when you blame others. I think that there are three main consequences for blaming others: it protects you from feeling bad when you fail, it disempowers you from your ability to control your own future, and it sabotages your relationships with others.

Self-Esteem Can Be Practiced in Any Situation

Self-esteem can be practiced in any situation. Because of this, “I don’t have enough time” is not a good excuse for not raising your self-esteem. Doing self-esteem exercises can be easy, fun and quick.

How to Have Confidence in Any Situation: Banish Low Self Esteem Today!

Self confidence and self esteem are incredibly important qualities to possess in your life. Whether you are young or older – your confidence levels will influence your academic achievement, how much money you make, the quality of your relationships and how you manage stress. So are you high or low on the confidence meter?

Christmas Spirit Now and Every Day

Christmas has many beliefs and meanings for everyone. Negative or positive, but it can be reset in our beliefs to have the highest most powerful beliefs for the highest good for our self and for others. Just like anything in our lives can have so many attachments of how we define our own meanings to everything. The more joy we attach to everything will be the more joyful we will have in our experiences. Just as Christmas can be our reminder of our empowerment every day.

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People With High Self-Esteem Don’t Let Themselves Be Walked Over

Building self-esteem is not only about learning to accept and love yourself, it is also about respecting yourself. People with high self-esteem don’t let themselves be walked over by others. They don’t accept bad treatment because know that they are worth better.

Battle Of Identity

The soul of a rich person is different from the soul of a poor person. That is why we have the word ‘self-image’. Self image is the inner picture you have of yourself.

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