How To Get People To Open Up

How To Get People To Open Up

Something’s Wrong When the Skinniest Girl in the Room Thinks She’s Fat!

The media should not dictate what is considered beautiful! Our dress size does not determine our worth!

Confidence – How to Have More!

Many people think that confidence is situation related. For example, you may be confident in a sales scenario, but lack confidence when presenting to directors. But this is not the case.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Risk-Taking

It’s quite comfortable to sit back and keep the status quo. After all, if you don’t rock the boat, you can’t fall into the sea. But without risk, there are few rewards. Abandon Your Fears You already know that taking risks is risky. To build up the courage, you need to master your fears. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve spent the better part of your life with fear, it could be deeply engrained in your subconscious, but it’s not impossible to change. All you need now is the willingness to overcome your fears. If you really want to abandon your fears, there’s nothing that can stop you!

Build Your Self Confidence

Are you someone who is looking to improve your confidence levels in a manner that is effective? If so, then you are making a wise decision since improving your overall levels of personal confidence can have a significantly positive impact on your life. Those that may lack the desire to gain improvements in confidence levels will probably discover that the bulk of their problems in life are never going to go away.

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Defeating the Distorted Body Image – Three Steps to Put You Back in Control

Do you suffer from a distorted body image? When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see what’s actually there – or do you see something different? A poor body image can lead to a loss of confidence and, in severe cases, depression or eating disorders. A distorted body image is a habit, in the sense that your mind has learned to look at your body in an unhelpful way. The good news is that you can regain control, if you follow this simple three step plan.

Our Value – Self-Esteem

The value system of an individual is a guiding force for all the activities that an individual performs and this value system keeps on changing as the time passes on. The article briefs about the value system that an individual follows in its life cycle.

Why Positive Self-Talk Can Keep You Sane and Be the Best Friend You Will Ever Have

We all talk to ourselves. We all do it! We might not be aware of it, but we are in constant dialogue with our brains. We talk to ourselves on how we feel about things, and yes… we even use the occasional profanity that luckily no-one hears.

Communicate Confidence

The difference between a confident and a shy person can be seen in their body language. If 95% of all communication is done non-verbally, then giving off the right signals is essential.

Improving Self Esteem

Lots of people from all walks of life suffer from personal motivation issues. Lack of self esteem is very common in society and needs to be overcome by each individual. If you are someone struggling with poor self esteem, you must realize that the only one who can truly help you is yourself.

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Value Your Worth – The Degree of Awareness Or Consciousness, Reflects Your Level of Self-Worth

Have you questioned to why you have relationship issues; it is because you can’t love another and have a balanced and harmonious relationship until you can unconditionally love yourself. Have you ever wondered why you can’t love yourself, why you can’t accept yourself, why you loath and belittle yourself and why you dislike what you look like? It is because humanity has brained washed you to thinking you have to be of a certain appearance, standard and status to be worthy, you have to be well educated, skilled and well-healed to earn your worth.

The Four Letter Monster

The only power the past has is what you give it. The “pit of the past” does not define you; just don’t add any more to it. And move on…

Self Esteem Issues – The Getting of Love

From the moment we are born we look for love and if it is declined at any time from infancy to adolescence this will lead to self esteem issues and a very troubled life. We look for it in our family and friends and as we near adulthood we look for it in a companion so we can share our life experience together. This sharing brings children into our life and once again the cycle continues in the getting of love.

The Back Button

When your sense of values depends on your tact and ability to please others, many times you will feel angry and resentful, so here’s a way out. You need to think on this.

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Advice on How to Gain Self Confidence

I went through life thinking I was a loser and never had anything to contribute to society. I realized as time went by that I would have to address this problem as it became debilitating and caused me to loose many good jobs. To this end I began my journey to gain self confidence and change my life around.

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