How to Learn Faster If You Are Not a Genius

How to Learn Faster If You Are Not a Genius

Gaining Self Confidence – Why is it So Hard and What Can You Do About It

Many people find it very hard to gain self confidence. For long lasting confidence, you need to understand about the true nature of being confident as well as follow the right approach, which is basically to train up your ability to take the positives from any setbacks that you face. This ensures that you have deep solid confidence within you rather than just short term confidence.

The Secret to Having That Square Jaw Hotness Women Fall For

Having a double chin is one of the unsexiest and ugliest things you could ever get. The gift of a newly toned and oiled body in board shorts is easily ruined by the appearance of this lump of skin and fat that makes you look more like a turkey than a super hunk.

Taking Off Our Masks – Rediscover WHO Your Are

Halloween – a creative time to dress up and be something different. It’s a great way to discover your fun and playful side. What if you could be WHO you wanted to be NOW? We all feel like we have to act a certain way throughout our lives, responsible, accountable. “Who” are we really? When you let out your playful side, what does it feel like?

Dyslexia Symptoms – Identifying the Symptoms That May Define Dyslexia

Experts tell us that perhaps 1 out of every 10 adults suffers from some type of dyslexia. Probably 95% of these are unaware that their differences, their problems with reading and manipulation of numbers,letters and words are caused by dyslexia. When identified, these dyslexics can be helped and taught to overcome their difficulties. They can lead normal, even exemplary lives, achieving their full potentials. So how do you identify people who may suffer from dyslexia? What are the indications, the symptoms? This article explains. Read on…

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Little Red Reading Hood

As I compared my life to those like me and others who did not have my blessings, I felt a desire to be worthy of all I had been given. From that time on, I have worked harder on improving my gift.

Watch That Self Talk, Your Words Are Powerful

By choosing to be aware of what you are thinking and speaking you can change your perceptions and your reality. This must be done with consciousness. It’s time to start listening to yourself. Whenever you catch yourself in these false statements of who and what you are, take a moment to laugh at yourself and restate your self.

Don’t Be a Pushover

Many people just can’t say no to others that ask for their assistance, even if it means putting their needs, wants and desires on the backburner. These poor people are referred to as pushovers; this article will break the bonds all who suffer from being a pushover so they can get the treatment they deserve without feeling one ounce of guilt.

Children Benefit From Higher Self Esteem

Parents – listen up! If you teach your children to feel good about them selves, they will benefit in the long run with higher self esteem. That is actually a past belief which has been recently proved otherwise. Self-esteem is a greater predictor of a child’s success than intellectual ability or natural talent. Studies have shown that adolescent boys who are shorter than their male peers will not be as successful as their taller counterparts later on in life covering all aspects. Studies also found that high self esteemers were less likely to be unemployed and if they were, they would be back in the workplace soon after.

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Losing Confidence? 5 Things You Can Immediately Do to Regain It

Have you ever wanted to feel confident in certain situations when you were not? How about changing a fear to go on stage to feeling enthusiastic about doing it? Here are 5 Things you can instantly do to get a confidence boost.

Loving Yourself – The Secret to Success

You cannot love anyone else until you love yourself first. If you are feeling down or frustrated with yourself for any reason, try to determine what it will take to change those thoughts. It could be just as simple as a new makeover or a weekend away with your friends. If you have been feeling bad about yourself for a long time, it might be something deeper that is preventing you from accepting or giving love. Here are some ways to stop pushing people away and getting the love you deserve.

Old Highs Are My New Lows – The Law of Rhythm

Do you feel up, down, up, down, up, down in life? That’s a natural way to feel. If you want to feel up more often than you feel down, come get some ideas to help you in your life.

Building Self Esteem

Do you enjoy yourself? While all of us want to be hired on the occasion, people with a good sense of self-esteem know their own value and not always rely on others to tell them they are worth the sentence. Self-esteem is truly loving and valuing oneself and is an appreciation of personal worth.

How to Assert Yourself Without Losing Friends
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Often, people will have trouble making themselves stand out form the crowd. For some people, they can be a bit nervous about voicing their own opinion; maybe they are worried about being wrong or be laughed at. So, trying to stand up for themselves, and really assert themselves can be a problem for some people.

Seven Steps to Confidence

Confidence is a matter of taking small steps, congratulating yourself for your achievements, and enjoying what you do. Seven steps to confidence will give you food for thought and introduce you to areas for further development or consideration.

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