How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Make Money Online - A Beginner's Guide

How Blame is Disempowering Your High Self Esteem

You blame others for your low self-esteem. I know, it is easy to blame your parents for not bringing you up right as a child. I understand that your brother or sister picked on you. I know divorce messed with your head. I get you were bullied at school. I know these are the reasons you put on weight and cannot shift it. Yes your boss picks on you are work and favours everyone else over you.

“Failure” Doesn’t Have to Be Soul Destroying

Many of the reports I saw about the Oscars mentioned the fact that this was Kate Winslet’s 6th nomination. Yet this was only the first time that she won. Watching her acceptance speech, talking about imagining this moment as a child, it did not appear that her previous “failures” were detracting from her success this time around

How to Get the Self-Esteem Engine Back on Track

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between self-esteem and learning potential. Once students know they can do something, they will provide their own encouragement and the self-esteem engine will move the learner down the track to success and happiness.

Kids Self-Esteem – 3 Fun Posture Exercises to Improve Self-Image

Good posture gives you a positive presence and a positive self-image. An aligned body is healthy and strong – strength that others can see. 3 positively proven posture exercises for you and your child.

Building Self-Esteem – Personal Boundaries Can Make the Difference
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The quickest way to increase your self-esteem is to work on your boundaries with the world around you. This means developing the ability to know your self apart from those around you. You really don’t have to take everything personally. You can evaluate whether someone is speaking the truth before taking it inside and having feelings about it.

Learn to Love Yourself – So That Others Can Too

I had lunch recently with a female friend of mine. We were chatting and eating when she confided in me that she hated other women. Shocked, I asked her what she meant, surely she didn’t hate everyone?! She said she actively looks for flaws when she meets other women. Her internal dialogue is an endless cycle of put-downs, designed it appears, to make her feel better about herself. So how do we start to get rid of such negativity and destructiveness – for good?

No More Lack of Confidence, Enough!

Have you reached the point of saying ‘this lack of confidence is destroying me” or are you still marooned on the island of ‘I am not worthy’? An island that is unreachable by air or sea, surrounded by shark invested waters and full of lack; not clever enough, not brave enough, not good enough, not confident enough, not understanding enough, not fit enough, not determined enough, not motivated enough, not happy enough, not talented enough, not deserving enough, not worthy enough…yikes, stop, look, enough is enough!

How to Accept Help and Generosity in Your Life
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Why is it that it’s so easy to help others but not accept help from others? Why do we say no when people offer to help us? Why do we refuse generosity from others?

Does Your Self-Esteem Sabotage Your Relationships?

You are in many relationships in your life, your self esteem will determine how they work. Be it a friendship or something more intimate or at work, you have relationships everywhere. The question you need to think about though is, who is in control of each relationship? Are you in a relationship for what you want or are playing someone else’s game, constantly looking for those doggy biscuits of approval.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem Symptoms to Create Good Ideas

Has years of low self esteem kept you from becoming the success you know you could be? In order to overcome it you must be willing to take a chance in life. Don’t listen to the onces that say you can’t.

A Powerful Self-Love Exercise!

If you would like to create more love in your life or simply create a more fulfilling life overall, try this powerful self-love exercise. After doing this consistently for about a month, you will notice how much better you feel about yourself and how much more comfortable you are in your skin. The world will seem to become a much more loving and accepting place towards you, but in fact it’s your thinking that has changed the world around you. Remember, your thoughts become your reality… so the more loving thoughts you have within, the more loving the outside world will be towards you!

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Almost Everyone Wants More Self-Esteem

Many people claim they would like more self-esteem. On the outside these people may appear confidence but if they have no self-esteem this often is actually an insecure extroverted need of approval escaping. Are you one of those people who is not actually in control of their life despite what you tell everyone?

Teenage Girls and Their Self Esteem

Creating a positive sense of self is as important to the teenage daughter as her reading the “Do not feed the lions” sign at the zoo. Disregarding either can result in losing very necessary parts of herself. How a girl evolves into her adolescent and teenage years with her self esteem intact can be defined as a tight rope walk at times. Self esteem building begins as a child and continues building upon itself one step at a time. If along the tight rope walk of self esteem she finds herself missing her steps, substantial falls and injury may occur.

Boost Your Self-Esteem to Be a Happier Healthier You

The best way to boost your flagging self-esteem is set up a system whereby each day you do something automatically that makes you feel good. As it is planned and expected it is not any effort to do this task. It is actually something you enjoy doing and can get excited about.

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