How to Meditate: Feeling Restless or Uncomfortable?

How to Meditate: Feeling Restless or Uncomfortable?

How Do You Stop Feeling Embarrassed All the Time?

We all get embarrassed from time to time. That’s perfectly normal behaviour for a lot of us – probably rather more than would care to admit it. But when being embarrassed starts to become your default state, it’s time to do something about it!

Build Confidence by Giving Yourself Permission

Do you find yourself waiting for the ideal moment, the perfect outcome, or some sign from above that says “go for it”? Do you worry that it’s not okay to want something, or feel you don’t deserve it? Are you afraid of asking for anything for yourself before everyone else’s needs are met? Correct this thinking by giving yourself permission.

How To Gain Confidence In Yourself – Gain Self Confidence By Developing Your Strengths

Trying to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities? Check out this powerful technique of developing your strengths and learn how to gain confidence in yourself.

How To Regain Confidence In Yourself – 3 Techniques For Gaining Self Confidence

Learning how to regain self confidence can be challenging and may even seem impossible! That’s why in this article we’ll discuss 3 great techniques for helping you gain confidence in yourself.

Avoid These 3 Myths When Improving Self-Confidence!

It’s no secret that people with high levels of self-confidence believe in their-selves and their abilities more. That’s why in this article we’ll discuss the three biggest myths regarding improving your self-confidence.

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Answers to the Question “Why Do I Always Blush?” and How to Prevent Blushing

Blushing is one of the problems that creates low self esteem and disturbs a lot of people. You could be among the people who ask themselves the question why do I always blush. Never mind, the following information answers that question and gives preventive measures.

How to Avoid Blushing

The million dollar question: how to avoid blushing? Blushing is a natural response in which the blood rushes to the skin of the cheek making them feel warm and this generally happens either when you are feeling extremely embarrassed or extremely shy. During the winters many of us carry the natural blush on our faces because of the chilly weather.

What If Your Life Was Like a Bar of Chocolate?

We hear it so much – each day you walk will add 1 hour to your life, while not eating your vegetables will shave minutes, even days, off your life, sleep deprivation can eventually be deadly – and we think, “That’s a long way away. I’ll worry about it later.” We do this because we picture the loss of the time to occur at the end of our lives, and it does indeed seem a long way away.

Do Not Ever Give Up!

Have you ever felt you were at the cross roads, have you ever felt things were closing up on you too fast? When you think you have come to your wit’s end, that’s when you need to hold on some more…

My Self-Imposed Guilt Trip!
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Not surprisingly, working moms are their own worst critics, with guilt being a top limiter of success. We’ve come a long way, baby, but all too often, it is still easy to fall into the guilt trap.

Instilling Confidence Through Letter Writing

Words of encouragement can be hard to come by for some people, let alone letters of encouragement, and yet we live in a world where can each use a little extra hope. Use these three tips for inspiring hope in others, and inspire yourself at the same time.

Convictions and the Road to Confidence

Our overall success depends greatly on our convictions, those inner truths and beliefs that we allow to guide us through life. Unfortunately, many people do not have convictions and their efforts to reach higher levels of accomplishment can become seriously challenged. Thankfully, there is a simple exercise for developing and testing personal convictions to ensure greater success in life.

Tips To Build Self Esteem

We all need self esteem, we all want it. But, we are not exactly sure what self esteem is. In short, self esteem means how much we like ourselves.

One Key Area For Eliminating Self Doubt And Gaining Self Confidence

Doy you doubt yourself and your abilities? Afraid to take new risks and take on new challenges? Learn the one key area that will help you eliminate self doubt and gain self confidence.

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