How To Meditate For Beginners – A Definitive Guide

How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

How to Dialogue With Your Inner Child

Enjoy more peace, creativity, joy and self-esteem by learning how to dialogue with your Inner Child. And, oh, yes, then practicing the methods.

Self Esteem is About What You Define As Normal

You can think about your self-esteem a lot. It is not about whether you think you are good enough though. That is not normal behaviour though as you are always comparing yourself to someone else. From the moment you are born you world is shaped by views and opinions of others to determine whether you are a success or failure.

Am I the Main Character?

We are the main character of our own life drama — but so is everyone else. Living with the paradox of being and not being the main character actually helps strengthen both self-esteem and humility.

How to Increase Self Confidence Today in Three Easy Steps

If you want to know how to increase self confidence, stop being self depreciating and putting yourself down. Emphasize your strengths not your weaknesses, and accept that from time to time you will make mistakes but people won’t think any less of you for it. If someone pays you a compliment, believe it and remember it, and don’t forget to smile and thank them or they may not do it again.

How to Be Happy With Yourself in Five Easy Steps

Often the really attractive and likable people we meet aren’t the most physically beautiful, the most intelligent, or the most artistic, but simply those that are the happiest with themselves. Discovering how to be happy with yourself is the first step to becoming a relaxed, confident and interesting person that will be as attractive to other people as you are to yourself. Here are five easy steps that show you how to be happy with yourself:=.

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Why on Earth Do You Want to Build Self-Esteem?

No one has the right to tell you to build self-esteem and if you already know that your self-esteem is pretty good. You already know the same old blurb everyone else tells you about increasing your self-esteem. You should be using more positive self-talk, be excited about learning new things, loving having new relationships and be prepared to help others.

Improving Low Self Confidence in 5 Easy Steps

Believe it or not, improving low self confidence is easier than you might think. It may seem like one of the most difficult undertakings ever, much like taking the first step to lose weight.

A Thing is Complete When You Can Let it Be

How often you feel that your presentation was not up to scratch and the little voice inside you keep saying ‘I told you to put more work into it’? These thoughts create negative beliefs in you, we call them limiting beliefs. But where do these negative beliefs come from and how to make sure that you can turn them into positive ones?

Don’t Throw Your Teen to the Wolves

Shoplifting, sex, drinking – These is all pressures that our teens are facing every day while they are away from us. Peer pressure is a danger that looms large in the life of all teens, like a pack of wolves hovering near unsuspecting prey. Peer pressure either threatens to steal your teen’s fragile confidence and self-esteem in an instant, or promises the ability to fit in and be a part of the group of friends they have chosen.

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The Power Of A Woman

Every journey begins with the first step, and so a new life, a new beginning also has a starting point and a destination. For women here and now, this is to reclaim our birthright as powerful, beautiful, compassionate, wonderful loving beings living on purpose, rather than by default.

Falling Forward

Not that long ago, I was walking through a parking lot, excited to get home and head out to a friend’s 50th birthday party. The next thing I knew, my body was flying through the air. It was a bad fall – no kidding. To begin with, the shock of falling as an adult is awful. I sat there, badly scraped up and obviously hurt, and I held the space for the little girl inside of me and just cried for a few minutes.

How to Gain Self Confidence

I have been teaching these techniques for over thirty years so you may feel that my ideas are a bit old fashioned but I got to tell you that these techniques are more than old fashioned they are actually ancient. They have stood the test of thousands of years and are as effective today as they were in ancient Greek and Roman times.

Developing Positive Self Esteem and Confidence

Confidence is a sales person’s biggest asset. C-Level and executive selling requires you to believe you belong with these leaders and they want to see you. This article will show you how to develop this confidence.

The Way Low Self Esteem is Mentally Damaging

You self-esteem will determine how you act both physically and mentally. If you let your self-esteem slide so low you may hit an emotional snapping point. If you do not take action about this you can end up feeling suicidal along with experiencing many other physical and mental conditions. It is important you can recognise the symptoms of low self-esteem before you lose control of your life.

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