How To Meditate: Managing Emotions and Discomfort While Meditating

How To Meditate: Managing Emotions and Discomfort While Meditating

Selling and the Art of Misdirection

Do salespeople tell lies? Do other people tell lies? The answer is, Yes, and Yes. The question is: can one tell lies, make a lot of money and live happily ever after? Read on…

How to Gain Confidence and Improve Self-Esteem

Are you struggling with your self-esteem? Would you like to learn how you can gain for confidence in yourself and your life? Read more…

Trying to Have It All and Remain Relaxed

We grow up learning that we can now have it all, but if this desire for everything is not balanced well, you can be left feeling overwhelmed, overworked and underachieving in almost all areas of your life. More importantly, you may find your stress levels are so high that it impacts on other people in your life and you may find it difficult to even enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Neutralising Self Criticism Through Humour and Laughter

Everyone suffers from self criticism from time to time. It’s useful to balance this tendency and a easy and quick way to achieve this is with humour. By lightening things up you can get some much needed perspective!

Good Posture

This article is for anyone who would like to improve the way they walk. It gives information about how to co-ordinate your head, body, legs and arms when walking.

Help! I Don’t Look Like the Women I See in Magazines and on TV
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It is possible to like yourself even if you do not look like the women you see in the movies on TV and in magazines. Beauty comes from the inside out and you can take steps to improve both and begin to love and admire who you are.

Increase Your Self-Confidence

It is possible to become confident. It takes understanding what skills you need to work on and then formulating a plan to getting there.

The Key To Self Esteem: Act Like The Kind of Person You Respect!

There is an expression, “We teach others how to treat us”! How to create your own role model or imaginary mentor. The importance of self respect.

Becoming More Confident: Do You Know Your Strengths Vs Your Talents and How It Affects Confidence?

Many use the terms “strength” and “talent” interchangeably; but, they’re not. In your quest to learn how to become more confident, it’s imperative that you know the difference so that you can put this knowledge to use. Here we explore the difference, and how it can help you be more confident — and more successful.

Your Self Image Can Be Impacted by the Temptation to Check Your Appearance – Regularly

One of the most common locations you are likely to find yourself self criticizing is in front of the mirror. Thanks to the instillation of reflective surfaces in lifts, bathrooms, cars, iPhones, wardrobes, department stores (and the list goes on… ), it’s hard to escape the temptation to ‘check’ whether you still look ok. Research tells us that children as young as 6 years of age are suffering from body image problems and thus engage in a fair bit of self criticism. The saddest aspect of this behavior is that the images they are judging themselves against are not reflective of the average person. In fact, most of the ideal beauty portrayal is fabricated by the media. For instance, Jennifer Anniston was once reported as saying that she felt a lot of studio pressure to stay very thin during her years filming the show Friends, when this was not natural for her at the time. If she had been allowed to remain her beautiful curvier self throughout the show, perhaps she could have led a movement of self acceptance similar to the one she began with her hair styles.

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How to Become Beautiful In and Out

Many people, especially women believe that it takes more than cosmetics, expensive make-ups and even surgeries to be really beautiful. But, that’s not true all the time. You will look good no matter what. In this article, you will discover many ways on how to be beautiful both inside and outside using some self inspiring strategies.

How to Be More Confident and Pursue Your Passion: An Often Overlooked Fact Many Simply Don’t Know

Almost every human being has a dream, a burning passion they’d pursue if they weren’t held back by what I call “life limitations.” This could be money, education, experience, etc. What holds most of us back though aren’t these things – at least not wholly. One of the main stumbling blocks for many when it comes to pursuing their passion is confidence, or lack thereof. Here we’ll examine the first step in learning how to become more confident so you can pursue their real passion(s) in life. It’s an often overlooked fact many are simply never told.

Effective Public Speaking: Look the Part to Speak the Part

Did you know that how you look, will influence how you speak? Ever had the feeling, in fact, ever just known that you look great in what you are wearing? It compliments the features of your body and hides the parts that are not your greatest. When you look great and know it, your confidence rocks!

How to Deal With Failure and Rejection

What should you do when you don’t know what to do, when you just want to give up and quit? How do you deal with the fear caused by failure or the trauma of rejection and loss? Try these eight keys to change your perception and rediscover the joy and peace that God promised you.

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