How to Motivate Yourself: A Powerful Strategy Backed by Research

How to Motivate Yourself: A Powerful Strategy Backed by Research

Beautiful Eyes – Making The Most Of Your Eyes With Well Applied Make-Up

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so make the most of them. A good mascara is essential. Choose one that you like and goes on easily. If your eyes tend to water a bit, a waterproof mascara could be just what you need, however, try to ensure that you can remove it easily as it can take your eyelashes with it!

Religion Versus Spirituality

One such, I practically witnessed (not of myself), of my aunt. She was literally, long awaiting her retirement but finally, when the backcounting of the number of days began, she became anxious and fearful.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Breaking Circumstantial Enchantment to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Recently our family gathered to watch the movie Ella Enchanted. On the day of Ella’s birth, Ella’s Fairy Godmother gave her a gift – the gift of obedience. With this gift Ella had no choice but to do what she was asked to do, whether or not she wanted to and no matter how bad the deed was. Ella was still very young when her mother died. But her mother said something very profound to her before she passed on, “No matter what anyone says or tells you to do look to yourself Ella. What’s inside you is stronger than any spell.” Read the full story in this article.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Change Your Predominant Thoughts to Overcome Inferiority Complex
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Our predominant thoughts draw the conditions and circumstances needed to manifest our desires. The old tapes that we play in our heads day after day become embedded within our subconscious mind and keep growing as we continually feed them with our thoughts and emotions. We need to change these predominant thoughts to overcome our feelings of inferiority complex. Find out how in this article.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – How to Take Control of Your Mind to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Change takes place in your mind and as you learn to take control of your mind will you be able to overcome inferiority complex and begin on the path to build self-confidence. You may have heard it said that your mind is a battle field. But the victory of this battle is also in your mind as well. And once you know how to master your mind, you’ll begin to master your life and your experiences. Find out in this article.

Self-Esteem and Identity – Who Are You Trying to Be?

We all have an image of what a good person is like. But where do our ideas of what a good person is like come from? Do we create our own role models or are they created for us? How does society shape the ideal that you’re striving to become like?

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Understand the Power of Your Thoughts to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Your thoughts influence your actions which in turn creates your reality. Everything flows from within outward. Therefore in order to change the effects of inferiority complex and increase self confidence in whatever area of your life that’s being affected the place to start is from within.

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It’s Illogical to Be Logical All the Time

Are you a logical person? Some people excel in this area. In fact, our educational system has been stressing it over other intelligences since for many years.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – Connect With the Giant Within to Overcome Weight and Health Issues

Experiencing prolonged health and weight issues can make you feel like the grasshopper going up against a giant. But keeping this perspective only feeds this belief and causes the giant to seem bigger than it really is. It’s time to connect with the true giant, the giant within.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – How to Awaken the Giant Within You

The giant within waits for your summon for help. It will not awaken unless you allow it. If you choose to hold on the ‘grasshopper mindset’ you will not be able to experience the greatness of your giant. The ‘grasshopper mindset’ and the ‘giant mindset’ cannot both exist in the same space. One will dominate the other. While one is awaken the other sleeps. It’s your choice to turn on the light of the giant within so the darkness of the ‘grasshopper mindset’ will dissipate.

Overcome Inferiority Complex – 4 Keys to Shift Your Perspective From Grasshopper to Giant

A grasshopper’s size is really tiny in comparison to a giant. If you look at yourself with this same perspective in the face of your adversity, you limit and deny yourself of being able to overcome whatever situation you may be going through right now. If you see yourself as being limited and helpless, your belief creates your reality. Yes, you’ll find that you’ll not want to look for a solution because you think that you can’t find a way out of your situation.

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Self-Esteem Is a Basic Human Need

Self-esteem is not just an extra bonus that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. It is actually a basic human need. In other words, self-esteem is something that all humans need in order to function properly.

You Are Creative, REALLY!

A lot of people don’t consider themselves to be creative, even the ones that the rest of society believe truly are creative. Here’s a news flash, everyone is creative but in different ways and to different degrees. The problem with this whole creativity concept is that generally people have a narrow view as to what qualifies as being creative.

Self-Esteem and Relaxation

Self-esteem and relaxation go hand in hand. When you relax you give yourself time to ask yourself how you are feeling and what it is that you need at the moment. If you never relax it is difficult to get to know yourself, and self-awareness is important for building self-esteem. When you relax you also show yourself that you are important, and in this way you raise your self-esteem.

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