How To Not Waste Your Life

How To Not Waste Your Life

Build Your Self Esteem – A Starter Guide To Self Improvement

In today’s fast-paced, difficult environment, it can be tough to keep your self-esteem intact and to stay calm. Here are some things you can do in your quest for self-improvement and to build your self-esteem.

Get in the Driver’s Seat!

Where are you at in your life? Who is driving the vehicle that is taking you to your destination? Don’t let fear and lack of self-confidence keep you down.

What Colors Your Self-Esteem?

You are what you believe yourself to be. Your actions work in harmony with your feelings. And it all begins with understanding what colors your self esteem.

What is Self-Confidence?

Confidence is about believing in yourself, giving you the courage to go for your goals. As such, assertiveness is a valuable component of a self-confident person. To reach your goals you need to be able to go for what you want. Tied in with this is having an optimistic outlook. Self-confidence is also about liking yourself and being able to take personal responsibility.

Tips For Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is about believing in and liking yourself. It is being optimistic, assertive, taking personal responsibility, and being at ease with other people. This article offers ideas for you to consider if you want to increase your confidence.

How My Big Head Slowed Me Down

Have bad experiences from your past created a heaviness that keeps you from moving forward? Have you pumped up your ego in order to compensate? Read one person’s journey, before you do anything else. It might help.

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Self Worth

Our self worth is really a matter of logic and reasoning. “He has made perfect forever those who are made for him” and “He loves all of those who he has made in his image”. Read those 2 scriptures again. We are made perfect and in his eyes we are perfect.

Appreciation – How Full Is Your Bucket?

The book, How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life, was mentioned several times on the discussion lists to which I belong. So, I was delighted to find the CD audio program of it this past week. This short book packs a big punch.

Building Self Esteem In Children

Words can harm and words can heal. The spoken word comes and goes, and in our world of technological wizardry sometimes there’s a need for something real, tangible and enduring.

Build Self Esteem to Achieve Success

What’s the first step all of us need to take to improve our lives? A million small events and interactions can lower our sense of self esteem. When you energize your self confidence take a major step towards achieving success.

Mind Your Language!

Thought that might grab your attention, but I’m not taking about abusing the vernacular here. You are aware, aren’t you of that little voice that runs through your head triggering self doubt and a lack of self confidence. It usually sounds like this: “you can’t do that!”; “are you daft?”; “they’ll laugh at you!” and ” you’re going to fail!”.

Do I Have Low Self Esteem?

While you might already have a good indication that you are suffering from low self esteem, it might be a good idea to explore this a little further. Take this quiz to find out where your self esteem lies.

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Do You Have Enough Belief In Yourself

Do you have enough belief in yourself or do you need a little work on building your self confidence? If so, do not worry about it, we all could use a little more self confidence. Are you the type of persona who takes risks or do you avoid all risk taking just for the fear of failing and wanting to stay comfortable.

How to Build Self Confidence and Build Up Your Self Esteem

If you’re like most people, your self confidence could use a boost from time to time. Often times when your self confidence is low, your self esteem may suffer too. It’s in those moments when our self confidence and self esteem is at a low that we need some quick and easy strategies to boost our sagging spirits.

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