How to Read ANYONE Instantly

How to Read ANYONE Instantly

Three Types of People Who Have Low Self-Esteem

From my work I have identified three types of people who suffer from low self-esteem. These are not the only categories; these are just the most common cases I come across regularly.

Building Your Self Esteem

We each deserve to have our dreams, and they can come true. We have to have the confidence, and belief in ourselves completely, in turn, others will also believe and trust in us. Success is birth through self-esteem. If you believe you can succeed, you will succeed.

If Things Seems Hopeless Look For a Bit of Hope

Who hasn’t come up against a feeling of utter despair and hopelessness at some point in their life? Unless you are a person who has little desire to grow and expand, there is little to be hopeful for hopeless about. Werner Erhard said something once I thought was quiet interesting at the time, he said you could only be as high as you were able to be down, or that you couldn’t really be good if you couldn’t really be bad. Perhaps more clear was what Abraham reveals by saying that from a position of experiencing your most unwanted experiences you can see the farthest reaches of your desire. Sometimes you can see more clearly what you want when you don’t have it.

How to Overcome Shyness – A Deadly Block to Self-Actualization

Overcoming social anxiety or shyness is a must for anyone who seeks to obtain a place under the sun. To succeed, social interaction is essential. Not only is it essential but it could be argued that the level of personal success is directly proportional to one’s ability to socialize. Something that is very hard to do for a shy person.

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The Right Way to Ask a Question

Is there a wrong time to ask questions? Before I answer that, let me ask you some questions.

Geniuses and Prodigies, Freaks and Geeks – Building Our Identity

How we label exceptional people – including ourselves – affects our identity in many ways and what we think about the reality and value of our talents, and the possibilities of expressing them in the world. Being part of a clique outside the mainstream is a reality many of us have experienced.

Top 5 Ways to Be Assertive and Confident

Could you benefit from building self confidence? Do you think a few tips on how to be assertive might help you? Even people who seem outwardly confident can sometimes lack inner confidence. Being confident is a great feeling that we could all surely use a bit more of! Today I want to talk about some ways of building self confidence.

Raising Self Esteem After a Toxic Marriage – 3 Strategies For Success

If the marriage was a toxic one, and had abuse, infidelities, and/or addictions present, the trauma brought about by destructive acts within the marriage can be significant. It is important to take good care of yourself during this time. Here are 3 strategies to raise your self esteem after the end of a toxic marriage.

Fill Her Up

It all comes down to nice girls don’t brag and nice girls don’t put themselves first because that would be selfish! Selfish and being full of oneself are both seen as negative but what if we changed it to being self-filled?

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Confidence is Everything

The way you carry yourself and see yourself really is everything. It can affect the types of relationships you enter, the everyday decisions you make and the goals you set for yourself. Exhibiting a positive, confident attitude will take you a long way in life.

Raising Your Self-Esteem Permanently

There are many ways to raise your self-esteem, but don’t you want to make it long term, make a permanent change? You can find programs that give you a short term emotional boost, but isn’t your time better spent on a plan that will make the change permanent?

Break the Low Self-Esteem Habit

“I thought that feeling inadequate not having self-confidence was just my personality and I was stuck with it,” she said, “and now I know better.” One of my coaching clients was talking about low self-esteem and self-confidence and like so many others she had believed there was something basically wrong with her and she was stuck with it. Not true! Low self-esteem is not a defect, it is a habit – and it is a habit that you can break!

About Teenagers and Teenage Self Esteem

Today I thought I would write about adolescent self esteem and how to boost your teens confidence. Teenagers problems are many and varied but let’s start off with the topic of self esteem and confidence – which if your child possesses – they are off to a great start in life!

Personal Confidence Projects Success

Many people are confused about what it really means to be self-confident. While it’s closely linked to self-esteem, it’s not quite the same thing.

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