How To Schedule Your Day For Optimal Productivity

How To Schedule Your Day For Optimal Productivity

There is a Real Self Esteem Crisis in America

Many people are aware of the low self-esteem issues in the United States of America, especially with the younger generation. Psychologists are aware of the situation and they often working on boosting self-esteem with their clients that have depression or anxiety or for some reason feel inferior or lesser than those around them.

If You Think You Have Nothing, Look Harder

There are times when you get so down that you feel completely empty inside.You begin to think to yourself, what have I got?This is when you need to look harder.

The Pressures Fat People Experience in Today’s Society

Being overweight, even if it is just by a few pounds which make you a little more round than others, sets you up as a target for weight loss industries, and suddenly it feels as if all the advertisements regarding weight loss in the media are targeted at you; even though it is not really the case. Being self conscious because you are fat is or even a little overweight really what makes you more aware of them than anything else.

Addressing the Damage Berating Ourselves Causes

When we’ve taken a blow or two during a particular day, we can berate ourselves can’t we? We get into this ‘cognitive loop’ whereby we rehash the silly error, or that thing we said we feel embarrassed or guilty for; over and over again it goes through our minds… Ideas for addressing same.

Take This First Step to Overcoming Shyness and Gaining Poise!
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Understanding the real meaning of poise is your first step towards gaining poise! Do you really know what poise is? What do you think are three of the characteristics of a well-poised person? Believe it, not many people understand what poise is. There are many misconceptions about what poise is. Such misconceptions have hampered many shy people. Don’t let this happen to you! Understanding what poise is, is an important step to overcoming shyness or gaining poise.

The Best Way to Appeal to Others

First, I appreciate you taking the time to read this piece on How to Be Appealing. Regardless of your gender, appeal is something you will want to have.

Being Yourself Socially and Making More Friends

When you are socializing, are you being yourself and give spontaneous responses, or do you have to think cautiously before you open your mouth? Do you think it’s appealing to always be cautious and give “correct responses” as if you’re on a job interview? Think again.

5 Easy Ways to Drop Self-Doubt and the Fear of Making Mistakes

Each of us is bombarded with many decision-making opportunities each and every day. Some of those decisions we can make quickly without much thought.

Healthy, Beautiful, Sexy – Is This You?

All women are sexy and beautiful and we would like to take the stereotypes away and feel good about ourselves by gaining health and wellness through learning and support, self confidence, self awareness and self acceptance. This is a great opportunity for women to learn from other women and also teach from their own values and experiences.

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Become More Assertive – 13 Stepping Stones Along Your Path to Assertiveness

This article outlines thirteen clear and practical steps to becoming more assertive from someone who has made the journey herself. Learn how to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want. Also dispells some common myths about assertive communication.

Discover Your Destiny – Finding Your Path of Light

The concept of destiny can excite you at the core of your being and can also become a source of frustration that renders feelings of importance and longing. When you learn these secrets you can easily find greater peace and fulfillment in your life.

You’re a Bully! Oh, Shut Up, You’re Just a Wimp!

The origin of psychology was to understand and live according to individual design, but few are aware of the fundamental differences intended to unite, not to divide us. Awareness Awaits You!

What Are Your Insecurities?

Everyone has insecurities. Whether you feel your nose is a little crooked; you’re not as intelligent as others around you; or you feel you need to shed a few pounds to be at your best; we all feel there are changes we can make to make us feel better about ourselves. One of my insecurities has always been that I’m more of an introvert.

How to Build Confidence by Understanding What it is – And What it Isn’t

I used to feel quite concerned when my clients asked me how they could build their confidence. As a Personal Coach I was clear what they wanted – but I knew the concept of ‘confidence’ was intangible. Only after years of helping and supporting people did I realise what this request was really about.

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