How To Spend Your Working Day Wisely And Actually Get Things Done

How To Spend Your Working Day Wisely And Actually Get Things Done

Self Esteem Help – Overcoming the Doldrum Days

When seeking self esteem help, learning how to overcome the “down days” and the negative thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do to get back on track towards changing your attitude. This article explores steps you can take to pull yourself out of the funk.

Why Did Everyone Become So Weak, Pessimistic, and Buy Into Defeatism – It’s Un-American

We all know that investor confidence and consumer confidence is very important for our economy’s performance. Many economists, as do I, believe that one-third of how well our economy does is exactly based on the consumer and investor confidence. Now, as I go online, I cannot believe how many doom-and-gloomers there are writing about our economy, our society, and how America is supposedly going to hell in a hand basket, that’s absolute nonsense, and it is bull.

What Do You Think of Yourself?

Did you know that your self image and the beliefs you hold about yourself are a defining factor in whether or not you’ll achieve your goals? Read that again. This means that your self esteem is a direct link to your success.

How to Conquer Feeling Criticized

The way to conquer negative feelings associated with being criticized is based on your interpretation of events. You take things that someone says about you negatively as if you are being criticized, then get depressed, angry or in a bad mood. This is very self centered, all geared towards you thinking and viewing it as if that person is only talking to you and about you.

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Avoiding a Bragging Attitude

A variety of work skills is assumed to be a good thing. This is true when in the work world and selling yourself to a prospective employer. Do not suffer from this assumption because some skills in fact are detriments to your professional career.

Silencing the Inner Critic – How to Start Feeling Good About Yourself

Having a judgmental inner critical voice is painful, frustrating, and a key part of what prevents you from living the life you were born to live. You can silence the inner critic forever with two secrets: One, that it’s actually worried rather than critical. Two, that you are larger than any part of you including the inner critic, and therefore you are able to be a compassionate listener to its worries. By turning with compassion toward the worries of a critical part, you can increase your sense of confidence and self-worth, and life will get moving again.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Confidence

Confidence changes lives. It makes problems smaller and goals within arms reach. Here are 3 easy steps to getting that confidence with minimum effort and maximum results.

Evaluate Egos

Before entering a setting where you’re hoping to persuade, it’s a good idea to evaluate the egos that will be in the room, starting with your own. Think about the conversation you’re about to have and try to pinpoint the parts of it that make you nervous.

Having No Self-Confidence Sucks!

I know this because, as the saying goes, “been there, done that”. One of the most important aspects of your life is your self-confidence. Having self-confidence is the key to success in life.

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Top 10 Ways to Respect and Like Yourself As a Gay Person

This is an article meant to empower and build self-esteem for gay people. This material includes positive advice about coming out and being well-adjusted. This article addresses serious subjects with real advice and some humor.

Getting Your Self Esteem Back

Self esteem is something innate. It is something that our parents and friends helped us develop over our lifetime, and this continues to be developed. This means that it can change and if you have somehow lost your way, here are a few things that can help.

Be Confident in Who You Are

Have you ever seen a masterpiece? Have you looked in the mirror lately? If so, then you have seen a one a kind masterpiece. You are an original and will never be duplicated. You were created to be you; not anyone has your genetic makeup.

Is it Just Me?

A client asked out loud a question that, I’m sure, many of us have thought in our own minds. “Is it just me? Why am I so sensitive? Why do I have so much mind chatter? Why are my feelings so on the surface? Is everyone like that?”

Building Self-Esteem – The Surefire Ways To Increased Self-Esteem

Building self-esteem is something that very few people ever pay attention to. But it is one of the most important things you could do in your life if you have a low self-esteem. It is just that it never dawns on most people that this is something they can actually do. But in the following few paragraphs you will learn about the steps it takes to increase your self-esteem.

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