How To Stay Focused Longer

How To Stay Focused Longer

Unconditional Self-Worth

In this article, I examine how kids could develop a healthy amount of self esteem. I argue that externals usually undermine the core self since kids are not in control of external things or kids. What kids can control is their core self.

Keys to Building Self Confidence

Unfortunately the only who can change your self esteem and self confidence is you. Fortunately you are the best person for the job. Building your self confidence is a process that requires some changes in what you do and say, but you are worth it.

How Does Emotional Abuse Affect Self-Esteem?

This article discusses the relationship between negative parental behavior and the effects on their children’s self-esteem. It also gives the reader an understanding of what abuse really means and the three most common types of abuse a child receives.

Myths About Self-Esteem

Many kids have a lot of myths about self-assertive kids. They think that such kids are boastful and arrogant. This need not be the case, as I show in this article.

Your Self Esteem Will Build Confidence

We all need to build confidence to have an happy and prosperous life. What can be confusing though is many people think that confidence and self-esteem are one and the same thing. This is not true and while self esteem can ultimately build confidence, we can be a confident and assured person with little or no self-esteem.

Building Self-Esteem – Five Little Tips For Making Big Change
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The life that we create for ourselves (and we do create it) is influenced for the most part by what we believe about ourselves. What we believe about ourselves is at the core of our self-esteem.

The Self – Confidence Quiz

How self-confidant are you? Most of us think we are pretty self-confidant, yet we often wonder why we aren’t getting more out of life. What stops us from taking risks?

Four Traits of a Person Who Wants to Develop Inner Qualities As Well As Physical Attractiveness

All of us have been acquainted with people who are only interested in their physical attractiveness and who neglect the person that is within them. In order to have a meaningful and well rounded life, it is necessary to work on both our inner selves and who we are at heart as well as our external beauty.

How to Accept Compliments Graciously

How can you learn to accept a compliment without either dying of mortification or coming across as a boor? The secret lies primarily in knowing yourself. Self knowledge is required to address both the insecurity and the boorish aura of entitlement that compliments can generate.

Self-Esteem Tip – Are You Having Trouble Accepting Compliments?

If you find that you are selling yourself short with your inability to accept and acknowledge compliments, you probably suffer from low self-esteem. You will decline to accept words of admiration because you prefer to wallow in a false sense of modesty.

The Secret First Step to Overcoming Low Self Esteem

I honestly think there should be a class in school that teaches self belief – it’s crucial to any personal growth but instead our society preaches ‘model looks’ and ‘size zero’ clothing. I think you’d be very stunned to realise just how quickly self belief can start to deteriorate in a person.

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6 Confidence Building Exercises

Confidence building exercises are not only helps in academics and jobs but also in strengthening human bonds, relationships and to live a good and healthy social life. We know that confidence is a very vital element in a person’s personality. It is important that one has instilled confidence in themselves from a very young age.

3 Keys to Building Self Esteem

Self esteem is the core value with which you view yourself. Many people, especially women, seem to struggle with seeing themselves as valuable in the world. Here are 3 tips and a strategy for building self esteem and improving self confidence from inside out.

Are You Struggling With Low Body Image?

To improve your body image, you don’t have to ignore all the parts of your body that you think could be improved. See your body as it is and accept it.

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