How To Stop Bad Decisions With Willpower

How To Stop Bad Decisions With Willpower

Increase Self Esteem by Doing the Right Thing

Being able to stand tall with integrity knowing you did the right thing is a strength that few possess. Still, if you take it upon yourself to live an honest life you’ll have greater strength of character knowing you not only did the right thing, but that the things you did do did not hurt anyone else. Of course, all this is easier said than done of course.

Self Esteem Means Taking Care of Your Mental Health First!

Without strong self-esteem and a strong self-confidence level you will be challenged in the things you do. Of course, if you develop a strong sense of self and have a positive mental attitude because of it, you will then be able to help others. If your life is in shambles, and you feel worthless, or depressed you will not be able to help anyone else unless they are much worse off than you.

Find Self Esteem in Frugality

Everyone is good at something and to develop self-esteem you just have to find your niche, as they say. Best of all, once you find your niche and develop your self-esteem it becomes part of who you are and your personal character. As your self-confidence develops, it will be with you no matter what you choose to do in life and it is completely transferable into all aspects of your life and whatever endeavors you choose to participate in.

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Understanding What the Term Self Esteem is and Elevating it – Part Two

In the first of this two part article we looked at the words and labels associated with ‘self esteem’. And of course, those words are not the feelings; they are simply the words we use to attempt to capture the emotions we feel. If you feel in such a way as to define it as ‘guilty’ or ‘unhappy’ or ‘bored’ or ‘depressed’, these are pointers to something you are experiencing.

Understanding What the Term Self Esteem is and Elevating it – Part One

We speak a lot about self esteem but if you ask 10 people what exactly it is, you’ll get 10 different answers. You know how you feel about yourself because you read your emotions. You feel good or not. In general, self esteem is the word label that points to a feeling a person has for his or her own being okay.

How to Help Yourself Feel Better About Your Body

Ready to feel better about your body starting right now? Here are five quick ways you can instantly learn to love your body today, increase your self esteem and be a better person overall.

Ways to Stop Blushing

Blushing is a common thing the majority of the time. If you are in a social situation that you aren’t used to, you may blush. There are some people that just can’t stop blushing. To know more about it, read the complete article……

Ever Hear the Words, “I Don’t Wanna Be Me?”

Ever hear the words, “I don’t wanna be me”, from someone and your heart is nearly breaking? When I hear a youngster say something along these lines, I recognize the feeling! All too often young people think they are the only ones who have ever experienced such great disgrace or sinned so greatly.

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What is Confidence?

Confidence, we all talk about it, we all have it and we all generally would like more of at certain times in our lives, but what actually is it? Quite simply, confidence is just a set of skills that can be learned by anyone to give them the feeling that they can succeed in any given situation or circumstance. That’s Great News! Why? Because it means that we can all learn to have more whenever we need it, it’s not genetic, it’s nothing to do with how much money we have, it’s nothing to do with upbringing, it’s not for a select group – it’s there for us all!!! Hooray!!

Self Talk – Are You Listening?

Did you know that you talk to yourself all day long? (Yes, you’re likely doing it right now. You can’t deny it!) Also, I’m not talking about the all of the mental chatter about the various activities and chores you need to remember and manage throughout the day. Yes, it’s also self talk but not the type I’m going to discuss, I’m speaking about the things you say to yourself on a regular basis and more specifically the tone and words used.

12 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem – The Backbone of Success!

A person’s self-esteem has the overpowering ability to determine every outcome in their life. When you truly understand the undeniable strength of a solid, positive, healthy self-esteem you hold the power to control the level of success you reach in this life. Embrace these 12 steps to soaring self-esteem and control your own destiny.

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Self-Confidence Problems and the Critical Voice

Everyone has a critical inner voice, that set of nagging thoughts and feelings you carry around. If you have low self-confidence, your inner critic is especially powerful, and tends to speak up frequently. When your boss or friend or partner says something even mildly critical, or you receive some kind of rejection, it feels as if this critical inner voice is speaking through a megaphone.

Do You Have the Confidence to Look For a New Job?

Are you looking for a new job? Find out how you can gain the confidence that you need to search for a new job.

Negative Thinking – The Appendix of Your Mind

At my recent lecture at the Mid-Manhattan Library on developing resilience and recovery muscles, one of the members in the audience noted that she always seemed to gloss over the positive things that happened in her life and home in on the negative. Others nodded their heads in vigorous agreement and with the constant parade of books on positive thinking out there, clearly, she is not the only one having trouble. But why is that – why does the default for our attention tend to be on the negative, not the positive?

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