How to Stop Losing Focus (The Dangers of Social Media)

How to Stop Losing Focus (The Dangers of Social Media)

What My Clients Teach Me – Cont’d

I knew from the start of Outside In Organizer and Makeovers in 2010 I would want to write a book or journal about my experiences. These “stories” will focus on various aspects of working directly with clients. Occasionally, there will be insights about being a business owner and sole proprietor that also come from these experiences. Each chapter will address a theme or an issue generally observed in more than one client or situation. Join me as we meet some of my clients and the lessons they teach me as I help them organize various aspects of their lives.

What Life Is

Everybody likes to think about purpose of Life sometime or the other He is interested in knowing what it is all about. Let us see if our views match.

Learn How to Overcome Shyness

There are many individuals that suffer from shyness of one form or the next. Most people become self conscious where they are presented with situations where they have to be in a room that is full of faces they are unaccustomed to. Such moments require a certain amount of self control. If you feel anxious during situations that you are in the public and if you feel as though someone is holding you back then chances are you are suffering from shyness. It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extravert we all can relate to feeling shy during some point of our lives. Most people believe that it is only introverted persons that experience shyness this is totally not true. Shyness in basic terms is an uncomfortable self-awareness that happens in the company of strange people.

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Confidence – Everyone Wants It, Few Have It

Everyone has tips for confidence these days. Search the internet, you will see thousands of articles and sites providing information on confidence, how to get it, how important it is, and what to do when you have it. I am not saying my tips are the best, or even for everyone, but they have worked for me.

How to Get Over Physical Imperfections and Realize How Special You Really Are

This is how to get over physical imperfections and realize how special you really are. Concentrating on your faults gives a poor opinion of yourself. You must uncover the good traits and hidden abilities that are beneath the surface.

How to Get Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an aura that makes you glow to those around you. It is a power that creates a feeling of goodness and leaves you feeling that you can conquer the world. You want to get out, and enjoy life, and when you possess self-confidence this is exactly what you do. However, there are many here among us that don’t have the self-confidence we need to fully enjoy and take advantage of life and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem?

Instead of looking for self-esteem in what you own, look for it in what you do. My friend has several home improvement projects in mind and was worried about which one to choose and what it would cost.

How to End Having Painful and Unreal Conversations About Money
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Do you have unreal conversations about money with your spouse or your partner? What do I mean by unreal? Simply put, unreal conversations gloss over the truth, they attempt to please the other person by saying what the other person just wants to hear, or they can be conversations that beat around the bush, no one ever really saying what they need to say.

The Social Phobia Phenomenon

Did you know that most people would rather die than speak in front of a group of people? This fear is growing stronger and stronger among the youth of today. Why is it that the younger generations are having such a difficult time talking to other people? Is it because of technology or is there a deeper seeded issue at hand?

Ways to Get Over an Insecure Body Image – Why You Need to Stop the Comparisons

There are millions of people around the globe who have great, unique looks and body images, yet they seem never to be happy or satisfied with their true inner picture. This dissatisfaction is basically caused through different media, friends or some other outside influences, whose sole purpose is to intentionally deceive us into believing that others are better looking or have a body image which is more acceptable to society than our natural looks, behavior or personal self image. In order to sell or justify their actions for creating such inner insecurities, is to create unrealistic images in order to inspire people to become dissatisfied with their true gifts or talents they have been created with. We are not a personality type, nor can we ever be, due to our uniqueness in every respect. The reality is that we are all uniquely different in looks, personalities, finger prints, DNA, et cetera and we need to overcome our own false insecure belief systems, which are the result of false perceptions, created through comparison marketing strategies used to break down our true self inner picture. Let us find out the truth as to why we need to stop comparisons?

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How to Use Awareness During a Low Self-Esteem Attack

At first glance, awareness – or mindfulness, as it is also called – seems to be a rather soft instrument, something you can use to expand your consciousness and have a more deeper experience of the present moment. But awareness can serve as the only tool that is left when you are amidst a low self-esteem attack.

Bullies and Self-Image

Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight… teaches women how to use the P.I.E.S. way of life to positively affect the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Using life experiences and sound research she provides the tools that will help you understand the underlying problems and make necessary changes in your outlook and your life.

Five Ways How To Boost Confidence

In this article I provide several techniques that you can use to build self confidence. When you are self confident, the world is such a fantastic place! Get ready to boost confidence now!

Shattering Your Ugly Secretary Image

You know they label you the ugly secretary behind your back. Now’s the time to put an end to it. Here’s how.

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