How to Supercharge Your Productivity

How to Supercharge Your Productivity

How to Deliver a Speech With Confidence

It is normal to experience anxiety before giving a speech. It takes practice to present a good speech with confidence. Remember that even the best public speakers had to start somewhere and at one time, they were just as nervous as you are. Here are some tips that will help you control your anxiety and deliver a great speech.

15 Minutes To Building Self Confidence!

Learn about building self confidence, how important it is and how simple it can be. Find out how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and obtain success in your many endeavors.

5 Simple Tips For Confidence Building!

Read about 5 effective tips for confidence building that you can begin using right away. Find out how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals and obtain success in your many endeavors.

Ways to Appear Confident When You Are Not

If lack of confidence has stopped you doing many of the things you would like to be doing then it’s time for you to think again. When you look around at people who seem to deal with situations positively you may wish you knew how to appear as self-assured as them.

Healing My Self-Hatred – The Journey To Being More Present And Alive

I’m in the thick of healing at the moment, presenting as adrenal fatigue but I’m working through the layers as to how I got to this state. It’s not all about being in an earthquake zone. I’m also doing Rose Rosetree’s 30 day empath empowerment plan and I’m on day 4 and today I had a huge realisation.

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Look Deeply, What Do You See In The Mirror?

The way we perceive ourselves is our description of our reflection. And all the feelings we have will always show on our own reflection in the mirror.

New Year + New Start = Add Bucket Loads of Self Confidence to Your Bucket List

If you’re lacking in self confidence, it’s no laughing matter – I know I’ve tried it. When self confidence seems to elude you and you look around and everyone else seems to have it by the bucket load, you begin to see every situation as daunting. Probably, like me, you start to avoid certain people or situations.

Resolve Your Own Questions

A true tale of a student and her journey to self discovery of resolving her own questions. Come read the story and you too will find ways to resolve your own questions. Analyzing all possible questions and to be prepared with answers not only help students in exams, but everyone in life too.

Strategies For Gaining Confidence

It’s very important to genuinely feel confident about yourself rather than just trying to look confident. When someone looks and feels confident you can feel their energy when they walk into a room. You can tell when someone is confident by the way they smile, how their eyes shine in confidence, and the way they communicate. Here are some tips on improving your self-confidence:

You Are Never Too Heavy to Be Fashionable

As a wardrobe stylist and image consultant, one of the most common excuses I hear from people who are hesitant about improving their image is they want to lose weight first before going out and buying new clothes. First let me say, congratulations to those of you who have set that goal and are working hard toward it! Now, let me ask you a question: why should you have to wait to start looking and feeling good when you can start doing so right now?

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How To Build Unshakable Self-Confidence

Has low self-confidence got into the way of you getting out to meet and attract women? Have you been thinking to yourself that you just need to become a little more confident in order to have the success you always wanted with women? If so, have you really thought about whether it is really low self-confidence that is hindering your success with women… or is it something else?

Help! I Don’t Want to Sound Like My Mother!

As a child or a teenager, how many times did you say to yourself, “I will never say or do that which my mother is saying or doing?” Many of us can certainly testify to that statement; however, my question to you is not the words your mom may have used but the actual sound of her speaking voice.

How To Build Confidence In Children – Tips For Teachers

Building confidence in students can be a tricky thing, especially if they are teenagers due to all the hormones they are experiencing. It is possible to work on building confidence in students and turning them into positive human beings.

Low Self Esteem Symptoms – Do You Suffer From Low Self Esteem?

Low self-esteem is pretty much an epidemic problem in our society today. Most people either don’t have any, or confuse other things with being self-esteem. To help you better understand what self-esteem is all about, we first need to remove the confusion over what it is. Only then can we really discuss what the symptoms of it are.

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